Robert Redford Will Prove There's An Afterlife In His Next Movie

Robert Redford Will Prove There's an Afterlife in His Next Movie

One of the best, most subtle and fascinating sci-fi films in the last few years is Charlie McDowell's The One I Love. Now the director has announced his follow up and it sounds just as amazing. It's called The Discovery and will star Robert Redford, Rooney Mara and Jason Segel. According to Deadline, The Discovery is "a sci-fi story set two years after the discovery of an afterlife that has been scientifically proven where millions of people have taken their own lives in order to start over". Redford is the man who makes "The Discovery", Segel is his son and Mara is the woman he falls in love with.

How freaking awesome is this idea? Just the mere thought of it boggles the mind. Would you live life differently if you knew there was an afterlife? How could it be proved? Would life lose its value? The questions are literally endless.

McDowell co-wrote The Discovery with Justin Lader, who also wrote The One I Love. It starts shooting later this month in Rhode Island.


Robert Redford, seen here in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, will discover the afterlife in his new movie. Image: Marvel Studios

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    Why else do you think religions, which believe in an afterlife, make suicide a sin? Christians are more likely to be against euthanasia, while atheists are for it!

    "How freaking awesome is this idea?" Compared to the idea of people living on other planets or in space habitats, it's not actually that awesome at all. In fact, it is rather silly by comparison.

    Nothing else makes sense. Souls incarnate to learn & to teach. Oddly enough, this reality is considered a great opportunity for soul growth. Embrace it.

    There is an afterlife and most who experience NDEs have experienced it to some degree. You learn a lot about the triviality of things here and what really matters, namely who you are, what you have lived up to, and what you have left unfulfilled. You feel accountable for accomplishing your purpose. You realize that our soul's language is love and that telepathy of will replaces spoken word in communication. The next realm is the derivation of Source energy. There are beings there made of light who are meant to carry out agenda from this greater realm to earth.

    Google - OBE Lucid Dream Vision

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