PSA: Check Your Car's Wheel Nuts

Video: When was the last time you checked the wheel nuts on your car? Probably a while, right? Next time you drive, go to the boot and pull out your tyre iron, and take a wander around just to make sure everything's tight. You don't want this to happen.

On the road between Parramatta and the Hills District, this ute lost one of its wheels in a freak occurrence apparently six days after the car was last serviced. Whether it's through fatigue or through negligence from the mechanic that serviced the car, it's not a good look. But it's one you can save yourself from with a little bit of preventive maintenance.


    That's why business use wheel nut indicators to remove liability and place the emphasis on the driver for checking before every trip.

    My last car had them fitted from the factory (Nissan Patrol) as it was a known issue with the allow wheel and steel hub heating unevenly and working the nuts loose, this also affected the Pathfinder but was never 'officially' dealt with.

    In fact any 4WD crossing water is susceptible to this as the rim cools rapidly leaving the studs hot it can work the nut loose.

    I was on Southern Cross Drive (a major Sydney road) and beside me came bouncing the wheel of a taxi.
    It overtook me at 80, then bounced over the barrier into oncoming traffic.
    I would love to have had a dash cam that day, as it was a miracle nobody got hit.
    The next day, same road, a taxi in front of me suddenly started spewing sparks evereywhere - - broken drive train and the rear was dragging on the ground.

    Ah yes I bought a car once (used) that later I discovered the nuts were loose!

    I had a aquaintence many moons ago who parked in Hornsby one night. When she went to drive home in the morning, her front wheels magically came off!

    She had rubbed a few people the wrong way and was a bit of an asshat, but still a pretty stupid and dangerous way to get revenge.

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