Optus 'Does Not Have Plans' To Axe 1000 Jobs

"As part of our FY17 plan, we have included $215m cost-out ­initiatives to protect profit­ability," stated leaked internal documents from Optus -- obtained by The Australian -- that detailed a plan to cut up to 1,011 staff from customer service and network roles.

Optus has now spoken out about the documents, denying the job cut plans.

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"As our business evolves we anticipate we will need to make further changes to the way we organise ourselves to help support our business goals, but we have no specific changes to share right now," a spokeswoman for Optus said in a statement.

"Although our priority is to always communicate the details of any changes directly with employees first, Optus does not have plans to make 1000 roles redundant."




    no specific changes to share right now,

    Which means they do intend to get rid of Staff they just didn't want people to know yet.

    They will cut jobs. They are just playing the lets wait till the heat is off us before we do game.

    IBM are in the same boat, though about 100* more layoffs.

    no specific changes to share right now
    My bold. That's ANYTHING but a denial. It just means they're going to lay-off that many people, but probably haven't decided exactly where from. And certainly don't want to publish it yet. Which would seem right - people don't want to hear their job's axed from news outlets.

    Hadn't even heard about this whole scenario until 1 minute ago. It wasn't United Patriot Front worthy like the signs in Arabic that Optus erected in stores located in predominantly Arabic Communities, a while back. There was no outcry on Facebook, nothing. Not a single meme.

    More jobs going to the Philippines where they can pay Philippinos 1/10th of what they pay an Australian.

    I thought Australia was "open for business"?

      We should be"open for business", but you were all too busy bitching on forums instead of doing your job.

      With the exception of your post, zeitgeist, at 5:07pm (arguably still business hours) you're all contributing to the inefficiency of this country.

    Optus just told their Adelaide call centre staff that 220 jobs are going.

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