Matthew McConaughey And Idris Elba Will Face Off In The Long-Awaited Dark Tower Movie

Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba Will Face Off in the Long-Awaited Dark Tower Movie

After spending what felt like forever in limbo, Stephen King's Dark Tower is finally starting its film production -- with Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey as the leads. Confirmation of the casting came from King's twitter:

That line -- which is also the first line of the first Dark Tower book -- is also opening the movie, King told Entertainment Weekly:

It should start that way. I've been pretty insistent about that. ...[The movie] starts in media res, in the middle of the story instead of at the beginning, which may upset some of the fans a little bit, but they will get behind it, because it is the story.

However, Entertainment Weekly also confirmed that the movie wasn't adapting the plot of the first book, The Gunslinger. The only clue about which books inspired the movie was that "a lot" of the movie takes place in our day, in the modern world. As Anthony Breznican points out in the Entertainment Weekly article, that nixes the fourth book -- which flashes back to Roland's youth -- from the running.

The big news about this casting is how it affects the relationship between Roland and Susannah, a black amputee that Roland pulls into his the other dimension. Screenwriter Nikolaj Arcel (A Royal Affair) promises that the core of the characters is preserved. "Some fans are asking, understandably, 'What about the racial tension?'" Arcel told Entertainment Weekly. "But as the story progresses that will be made clear, how we'll deal with all those things."

Elba, cast as the gunslinger Roland Deschain, and McConaughey, cast as Walter Padick, took absolutely no time to put their characters at odds on Twitter:

Can't say they're not having fun.

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    “Some fans are asking, understandably, ‘What about the racial tension?'” Arcel told Entertainment Weekly. “But as the story progresses that will be made clear, how we’ll deal with all those things.”

    Presumably they'll make Susannah white? What I don't get is why you'd do this in the first place? This is a hard enough adaptation as it is. If you just keep the characters as they're written then you don't create additional "things" to deal with on top of the multitude of challenges you already have to overcome.

      Given the scope of this particular story, I would be surprised is Stephen has not continued his stipulation of lead creative control, ergo if there are any variations then they are ultimately sanctioned for one good reason or another.

    I'm starting to think that perhaps the movie/s would be best viewed as an alternative 'The Dark Tower' story, as it seems there could be too many deviations from the novels. Still really excited about this though, can't wait!

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