Marvel And Sony's Spider-Man Movie Just Cast Zendaya In A Major, Mysterious New Role

Marvel and Sony's Spider-Man Movie Just Cast Zendaya in a Major, Mysterious New Role

Of course we have Tom Holland, and Marissa Tomei's Aunt May already, but the cast of Sony's new Spider-Man reboot is largely unknown at this point. We've just got confirmation of one more though: Singer/actress Zendaya Coleman has joined the film as what is purportedly the female lead. Coleman, known mononymously as Zendaya, has been cast as a character known only as "Michelle", according to Deadline. There's no other details on the character at all, other than a claim that she is not the romantic interest for Peter Parker — so she's probably not a new incarnation of Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane Watson. However, there is a Michelle that has been part of Peter's life in the comics before — most notably Michele Gonzales, who was Peter Parker's roommate and first appeared during Marc Guggenheim's Amazing Spider-Man run.

Whether or not Zendaya is playing Michele Gonzales or a completely new character for the film, it's honestly kind of refreshing to hear some casting news for that isn't just one of the same group of core Spider-Man characters we've seen over and over again.

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    ... Sony’s new Spider-Man reboot...

    Wait, what?! Didn't marvel just wrestle spidey from Sony's detrimental clutches?

    And I've never heard of this person, but they look like another product of the Disney teen idol production line. Eww.

    Last edited 08/03/16 12:11 pm

      Sony still have the rights...Marvel is Sony's current room-mate on this project.

      Marvel didn't so much wrestle the rights back from Sony. The two companies - particular after the relative failure of ASM2 - agreed to share creative control, profits and bring Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sony still own the film rights, but Marvel gets to use the character in their Marvel Studios films while also providing creative guidance to Sony (who finally realised they don't have a clue). Sony still keeps the profits from the stand alone Spidey films, and Marvel don't have to share the profits from any films he appears in for their studio.

      It's amazingly civilised for movie studios.

        Huh, that Is strange.

        But it means that the same studio is having three goes at the same franchise in less than 15 years. It's ridiculous!

        Last edited 08/03/16 12:35 pm

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