LG's New Smartphone Can Pick Up Digital Radio

LG Electronics has unveiled its new LG Stylus 5.7-inch device which features a world first smartphone development -- a built-in DAB+ broadcast digital radio.

Image: LG

"DAB+ covers 50 million people in 40 countries around the world," LG enthused in a statement. "Users will be able to access more radio channels with DAB+ than traditional FM, with up to 30 free digital only stations. Unlike radio broadcasting apps that use hefty amounts of data for streaming, DAB+ lets users listen to the radio for free and in excellent audio quality, plus DAB+ broadcasts pictures and text on screen."

The device was developed by LG in conjunction with The International DMB Advancement Group (IDAG), a global organisation representing radio broadcasters. Peak industry body Commercial Radio Australia, a founding member of IDAG, was closely involved in the development of the device.

Gino Casha, General Manager, Mobile Communications Australia says "The LG Stylus DAB+ shows our commitment to meeting the different needs of the consumer. We have developed a piece of technology that gives a hassle-free digital radio experience, so consumers are able to listen to select radio stations simply and without incurring costly data usage charges."

"This is an exciting development for Australian consumers as listening and viewing entertainment, news, music and pictures broadcast via digital radio will use no data, compared to music streaming services which can use more than 2MB of data per minute, depending on the quality settings." said Joan Warner, CEO of Commercial Radio Australia.

All consumers need to do to enable the digital radio feature on the Stylus, is plug in the included headset and click on the DAB+ icon that starts a scan of the local DAB+ radio stations in the area -- currently available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. They will then be able to select from the list of available radio stations and save their favourite stations for easy access in future.

OPther features of the LG Stylus DAB+ is a 7.4mm thickness, 145g weight, 3,000mAh removable battery and an SD card slot for storage expansion.

LG said pricing and stockist details for Australia will be confirmed at a later date.



    Its a Shame its only a midrange device. went from a Note4 to a G4 and miss my stylus so much. to the point tempted to go back to a Note6 late this year. sometimes you just want to be able to sketch something out to go back to later or to show a basic concept to someone.

      Yes same here mate, I went from note 4 to 6p, the 6p is an OK basic device, but my old note was a hamburger with the lot, also looking forward to another note.

    It baffles me why it's taken so long for digital radio to make it into smartphones as a feature.

    Surely this would be a good candidate for LG to make as a magic slot module for the G5 and essentially make DAB+ available to its most mainstream phone?

      I don't know there would be enough buyers to make it worthwhile, most people I think are happy to stream for half an hour or an hour every now and again , would i like to have to swap out modules? Not so much,
      personally I'd be happy to just have the FM chip on the phone permanently , digital or not digital , not fussed.

        A lot of phones still do have the FM chip in them at the moment. My LG G4 does, as does my wife's 2015 Moto G (and her Gen 1 Moto G before that). I'd love it if manufacturers put a DAB+ chip in all their phones as well and this if not a good start, at least a start.

        The magic slot on the G5 is a bit of a head scratcher as your comment about having to swap it in and then out again every couple of hours is totally valid, but it is equally valid for pretty much all the other magic slot uses. I guess at least if they offered it as a magic slot option instead of creating a whole device whose existence seems to be in order to showcase DAB+ on a phone, then it would be available as an option to a wider audience ( the G5 is their flasgship after all), at presumably lower cost, while also promoting a further use of the magic slot and minimising further fragmentation of their product lines.

    Now if only the ABC would broadcast Triple J in digital outside the major capitals...

    I've been saying this for years! I had a Sony Ericsson W810i in 2007 which had radio and I'm pretty sure the Symbian Nokia before it also had radio..... is it so hard to chuck in a DAB module? I guess we're all about thin-ness and "elegance" that chucking in extra weight for radio is not even a consideration.

    Everything old is new again......

    Any reason why people aren't just streaming radio? Honest curious question.

    These days WiFi is everywhere and even when I'm driving my phone auto connects to car's bluetooth and for the 1hr or whatever of driving I just use the mobile network to stream radio in the car. Tunein Radio app doesn't seem to use very much data at all. I'm on a $30 prepaid with like 1.5gb data per month and never ever go close to it.

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