Lexus Explains Its Crazy Multi-Stage Hybrid Drivetrain

Video: The tech underneath Lexus' new LC 500h is impressive, but it's also very complex. Two separate but interconnected gearboxes — a dnyamically adjustable CVT and a four-speed automatic — are the most straightforward parts of this extremely high-tech sportscar's engine and transmission setup.

The LC500h, launched at the Geneva Motor Show, pairs a 220kW 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine with a 44kW electric motor and lithium ion battery pack, all simultaneously delivering drive to the car's rear wheels. Doing that through two extremely different methods of power creation — a linear electric motor that delivers instant torque from zero RPM and that tails off at higher rotational speeds, and a comparatively peaky V6 petrol motor — takes a lot of engineering. Here's how it works.


    So like push bikes since the 90s

    Modern automobiles are heading from the sublime to the ridiculousness of what part an automobile plays in the lives of average teenage drivers, single adult drivers and average families.
    The expensive and technological components of the Lexus LC 500h are beneficial to whom.
    Looking and reading with interest as an automobile enthusiast over many years it appears to me that manufacturers are heading beyond the realms of common-sense, every-day automobiles which Henry and others produced to replace the horse and carriage.
    A new T-Model Ford in today's society will perform the basic tasks of the Lexus, the bells and whistles, the complicated drive-train, pop-up this and that, stereo-radio, Bluetooth, adjustable seats and only two doors are irrelevant to the purpose of what an automobile is capable of doing.
    Carrying people by mechanical means inside a shell with windows, on a chassis with four wheels and a wheel held by the driver to steer the vehicle in the right direction.
    Current automobiles are heading in the direction of wasting peoples' money by ads conning them into buying a T-Model Ford with a few, mostly un-necessary extras.
    From A to B in an automobile, who cares that it's a T-Model Ford, beats walking, nothing more required.

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      By your logic, then there's no point in a lot of things. There's no point in buying a computer that does anything but crunch numbers or file things (their original purpose), getting a phone that does things other than make calls and send messages, etc.

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