Kanye, Champion Of Paid Streaming Music, Got Caught Trying To Torrent Software

Kanye, Champion of Paid Streaming Music, Got Caught Trying to Torrent Software

Kanye has tried repeatedly and often to made artist-friendly streaming service Tidal happen. The premise is that Tidal is a "fair" way to stream music, an artist-friendly experience that gives back money to the creators. Which is great, but it appears Kanye can't be bothered to pay $200 for music software. A tweet earlier in the day from Kanye showed a photo of his music listening habits (Sufjan Stevens, in case you're wondering). Unfortunately (for him), that same picture showed a few of his open tabs, including a Pirate Bay search for Serum. That's a software synthesiser plugin which currently sells for $US189.00 ($264).

Fellow artist Deadmau5 called West out Twitter for his actions, before suggesting a "small Kickstarter" to help buy the software and allow Kanye's creative juices free reign. (It's already been done, by the way.)

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    Worse, he uses Safari as his browser... So lame.

      I'm gonna let you finish, but Kayne is a pirate y'all!

        The best pirate of all time!

          I beg to differ - even in his hypocritical pirating ways he's showing what a 'mainstream', unoriginal (and stupid) douchebag he is. TPB ? Who actually USES that, except for fifteen year olds who will soon find the effa bee eye at their door, and noobs who don't know anything about torrenting ? You might as well put a big sign on your forehead saying 'indict me' coz you know the Feds have every possible traffic route to THAT site under the microscope.

            I think Mick was just making a riff on the fact that Kanye believes he is the greatest artist of all time.

            Declaring him the greatest pirate of all time for using TPB would be pretty congruent with his persona/character*.

            * Oh god I hope it's a character and not real. It can't actually be real.

              Fair call Transient - didn't think of that context (you can see how much note I typically take of Kanye's statements) ...

    Weeeell, isn't Kanye in the red for fiddy eight mil or whatever it is now ? So two hundred bucks might be a bit rich for him. Although I'm sure he'd just need to sell a mansion or two, a Benzo and some jewel-encrusted knick knacks and he'll be back in the black. But yeah, the fact he's a hypocrite doesn't really surprise, does it ?

    Hang on. The tab in that image says "Pirate Bay Torrent Xfe...". But deadmau5's tweet right there talks about Serum. Are we sure deadmau5 isn't just taking a stab with no real evidence, and Kanye West is just torrenting this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xfe ?

      Not sure if this is sarcasm. Looking at the first tab, it has "Xfer Records Serum", and the second tab "Pirate Bay Xfe". So putting two and two together...

      Why would anyone torrent a free File Manager? Then again, we are talking about Kayne...

        Glad I'm not the only one that thought that.

    Haha, he tried to download a Software Synth by Xfer called Serum, an awesome synth. The guy who made it is an awesome audio programmer!!!!!

    i hope this guy goes completely bankrupt. egomaniacal douchebag. sick of seeing his shit all over the media, and the Kardashians for that fact. why are these people put up on a pedestal? oh thats right, money through trainwreck reporting. urgh.

      Then he'll just demand he gets bailed out. He's too big to fail.

        But he isn't big enough to epic fail.

      I blame the media and the poor sods who idolise these characters...

    There's this episode of South Park which takes the viewers into the mind of Eric Cartman, where it shows that all the lies and fictions he comes up with, his victim complex, his righteous (self-serving) causes... he genuinely believes them. When he recounts events to cast himself as the hero/victim instead of the villain he so clearly is, it's actually a recounting of what he believes to be true.

    I thought it was a horrifying concept, but I have this sinking feeling that maybe... maybe it's a bit more common among extreme narcissists like Kanye.

    Last edited 03/03/16 10:31 am

      I remember that! I still use the 'mental gymnastics' quote on my friends sometimes!

      That was one of the best South Park episodes.

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