Kanye, Champion Of Paid Streaming Music, Got Caught Trying To Torrent Software

Kanye, Champion of Paid Streaming Music, Got Caught Trying to Torrent Software

Kanye has tried repeatedly and often to made artist-friendly streaming service Tidal happen. The premise is that Tidal is a "fair" way to stream music, an artist-friendly experience that gives back money to the creators. Which is great, but it appears Kanye can't be bothered to pay $200 for music software. A tweet earlier in the day from Kanye showed a photo of his music listening habits (Sufjan Stevens, in case you're wondering). Unfortunately (for him), that same picture showed a few of his open tabs, including a Pirate Bay search for Serum. That's a software synthesiser plugin which currently sells for $US189.00 ($264).

Fellow artist Deadmau5 called West out Twitter for his actions, before suggesting a "small Kickstarter" to help buy the software and allow Kanye's creative juices free reign. (It's already been done, by the way.)

[Twitter via CNET]

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