It Takes A Shocking Amount Of Molten Copper To Destroy A Big Mac

It Takes a Shocking Amount of Molten Copper to Destroy a Big Mac

Video: Well, this certainly makes you think. About how emptily delicious and briefly satisfying a Big Mac from McDonald's is. Oh that Big Mac Sauce. Oh that middle bun. Oh those double patties. Eat it with some fries. Slurp it down with some Coke. Wonder if the Big Mac is actually an edible food thing because it can strangely stand up to molten copper and sort of not get burned (until it gets broken down piece by piece and basically only loses through attrition).


    Moisture in food turns to steam when heated and creates a barrier that slows burning. It's not exactly unique to McDonalds burgers, you'd get that same result with pretty much any burger.

    I find these kinds of videos boring. The only reason I even clicked this one was what turned out to be a clickbait headline, something becoming more and more frequent here. Please, guys. Show your audience a little more respect.

      Not to mention that a bun is essentially a foam full of air and as such a good insulator, that it's made of organic compounds that will char into carbon rather than melt after the steam is gone and has a domed top that will make the liquid run off.

    Oh god. There's one of these in my stomach right now. This must be what Ellen Ripley felt like right before the Alien burst out of her chest...

    Replace the Big Mac with a fair trade organic slice of Vegan quiche..............and you'll likely get the exact same result.


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