Is Radiation Actually Dangerous For You?

Is Radiation Actually Dangerous for You?

Video: Radiation is all around us and too much of radiation is a bad thing so... are we all just screwed from all the radio waves and microwaves and ultraviolet radiation and rainbows and X-rays and radon and nuclear radiation in the world? Not exactly. Ted-Ed explains in the video animation below how not all radiation is created equal (we just have to protect ourselves from the ionising radiation) and details how much radiation is actually damaging for us (four Sieverts!).


    Nice Star Trek and Fallout references! The article text is a bit misleading though, 4 Sv isn't 'damaging', it's what will almost certainly kill you (LD50 is 3 Sv). Anything above 100 mSv is usually considered damaging in that it may cause radiation poisoning and cancer.

    You're damaging is quite off. It isn't amount that's damaging it's amount over time. And for some forms it is cumulative.

      Were you talking about my reply or the article? The 100 mSv figure I gave is an annual dose, but 3 Sv is acute when talking about LD50.

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