Here's The Aussie Queue To Pre-Order Tesla's Model 3

Over 50 people in Sydney and a similar number in Melbourne are lining up to pay $1500 to secure an early delivery of Tesla's new Model 3 electric car -- with some queueing for the last two days -- despite not knowing what it will look like, how it'll drive, or even how much it'll cost. This is commitment.

These men and women aren't of the generation that you'd usually see queueing for new gadgets; they're generally older -- mid-20s up to middle age -- and they're well dressed. One future buyer in the line commented that the demographic is extremely different to the one across town buying the new iPhone SE also on sale today.

Tesla staff are walking the queue and handing out muffins and cookies, and the team inside is getting ready to open the doors and begin taking details for the pre-order process. Perennial Tesla-buyer Simon Hackett is reportedly buying a(t least one) Model 3 -- his fleet of Teslas entitles him to an earlier place in the queue than first-time owners.

The Tesla Model 3 is set to be officially unveiled tomorrow, in an event in California. While we don't know exactly what the Model 3 will be just yet, we have a pretty good idea -- it'll almost certainly be a four-door sedan around 25 per cent smaller than the Model S. We're expecting a price of approximately $60,000-plus in Australia after currency conversion, shipping and delivery fees from Tesla's United States factory.

From the initial line-up, Tesla will have banked at least $250,000 in individual $1500 pre-orders, and Australia is the first in a long line of countries to open up pre-orders to expectant buyers. The Model 3 will be released worldwide from around late 2017 -- although further into 2018 is a certainty for Australian buyers, as the left-hand drive US market gets precedence.



    Is there a limited amount that they are making? If not, then why bother queuing up?

      Depends if you want to get your car in the first year, or 5 years later after all the thousands of people who reserved have their orders filled first.

      The plan is to produce 500 000 Model III a year.

        Yes, 500.000, but not in 2016, and not even in 2017. Real mass-production won't begin before the Gigafactory will be finished. And then it still takes some time to ramp up.

      It's anticipated that there will be a long waiting list to get one. From what I've read anyone wanting one this decade will need to preorder now.

    I reckon most of them are there just to sell their order to a higher bidder down the track just before they come in, there is money to be made

      Yep, agreed. Mustang pre-orderer's have been doing it, some up to $40k above the purchase price.

        Wait time on a new Mustang is now out to 14 months if you walk in and order one today, FORD really dropped the ball on production allocation.

        Add this 40.000 and you can buy a Model S ;-) If MOST of them would try to sell it, they could not, because there would be a lack of real buyers.

      you can't. The pre-order is bound to the person and not transferable ;)

      I reckon you are WRONG mate - wrong and way way too cynical...

    Tesla is production constrained, meaning that people who order their cars first will probably receive them months if not years before people who wait to order. They can't build them fast enough to meet demand (yet).

    I've been in the market for a new car for a few years, the combustion engine is redundant tech yet manufacturers are holding on to it.. but the current choice for electric is small and expensive. I hope the other car makers take note of this enthusiasm and that Elton delivers the first mass market electric car at a affordable price.

      It's not redundant as we all can't afford electric cars yet.

        or afford to wait around charging all the time

          Most of the time you would charge at home. Do you plug your phone in and sit around watching it, or do you just plug it in and leave it while you do something else?

        Apple is currently producing an electric car, it has hired over 1000 people so far to bring this to market and they hope to release it by 2020 so I'm pretty we are going to see a massive change occur after 2020 when traditional car companies freak out over potential lost revenue and also google has their self driving car which apparently they are going to license to manufacturers so a big revolution is pretty much on the brink, you'll have your premium apple brand as usual, tesla in the middle and then google probably doing abit of everything like they do with android.

          I'm just sad that Apple cannibalized the engineers from Lightning Motorcycles. I was really looking forward to that project coming to fruition :(

      You can tell us ICE is redundant tech once someone drives from Sydney to Perth in an EV in three days or once one wins an endurance race against them. Until then, they are nothing more than a curiosity for people who don't care about cars. Remember, too, that Ford managed around 4000 Mustang pre-orders, so a queue of 50 losers is hardly anything to write home about.

        Why should the benchmark be a test which almost no-one ever will do in real life? That's beyond absurd. I've owned an EV for 18 months and it's perfect for city commuting - I have never run out of charge or needed to drive more than its range. Not once in 18 months has it constrained me. That is typical of the vast majority of people's driving habits since we are such an urbanised country. And apart from being 10 times more pleasurable to drive than an ICE, the running costs of my EV are less than one-third of my previous ICE. In fact the only people who mock electric cars are people who have never driven one.

        Oh - and Tesla might get around 100k reservations for the Model 3 in the first 24 hours. That puts any other car manufacturer's pre-orders in perspective. It's amazing that the more the naysayers predict Tesla's demise and that EVs are niche curiosities and nothing more, Tesla keeps proving them wrong. That's how disruptors change our world.

        50 odd people lining up at the door before opening hours at one store on the opposite end of the Earth 2 years before the car is released? Not bad in my book.

        I'm also interested that the measure of technology is not measured by improving something the majority of people do every day (never have to stop to refuel their car while driving less than 320km in a day and not having to fight wars in the desert for dwindling resources), but what few people do almost never (urgently drive 3000km in 3 days no more!).

        Lastly I drive a 6.0 V8 and it has nothing on the P85D I drove in terms of handling or acceleration. My V8 probably does better in all the endurance racing I never do though.

        Last edited 31/03/16 11:50 am

          Well the V8 does make a sound that is music to my ears, The Tesla sounds like a Melbourne tram accelerating. P85D is an awesome car for sure but that price tag!

        As the biggest loser who queued for 49 hours, and chatting to Model S owners, I believe the Sydney to Perth trip has already been done by some of the TESLA Model S owners. Not 100% sure about 3 day timeframe, but that would not be due to any limitation on part of the car or due to the need to recharge. You have to think of a better than excuse than that. You think the owners don't care about their cars?!?

          By care they mean, like care about driving, not like the same kind of care a rich kid has over his Mercedes amg, IE that people know he's rich.

      Electric cars are like a candle in the wind - never knowing which one to buy, when the pre-orders set in.

      Only one of these is a car manufacturer.

    judging by all the glass... maybe they thought it was the apple store?

    Presumably the closer to the front of the line, the sooner you would take delivery of the car. If it is at all similar to the Model S rollout, waiting until later could mean adding a year or two to the wait for delivery.

    Hmm..only 50 people. I guess not a lot of people are too interested buying a vehicle not knowing how it looks like.

      ... at one Tesla store among the 100 or so worldwide. Deposit is refundable, so there's nothing to lose if I don't like the car or something better comes along before it goes into production.

    Well done, Australia. Friggen hopeless! The new Tesla is called the 35k Tesla - and with government incentives, expectations are that the price will be significantly lower again. That's the WHOLE point of it. But no, Aussies will be slugged 60 and above! I understand how exchange rates work and at a crap rate, today that brings us to 48k. It will be cheaper to import from Japan. So infuriating. PS - the pre-order price in US is 1k. Not 1.5k - just to hammer home the point.

      With exchange rates being what they are, it *could* be 45K. But it's not likely.

        Then add 5% import duty, $2250, and GST, $4500 and you are already over $50k. Now add in around $5000 for shipping to Australia, then $3000 or so in on-road costs and add in a buffer to allow for currency fluctuation. $60k is about right for a base model, which is why that is the figure being bandied around. But who knows, Tesla might decide to take a bath and sell it for $25k, drive away. Nobody knows yet.

          I've been the one bandying that price around, don't worry! I did the maths.

          What I'm saying like you is that we don't know, and we won't know tomorrow. We'll know for sure a month or two away from launch.

            what about the people putting their deposit down, can we find out from them? don't tell me these people putting there deposits down aren't being told the full price?

              They're not. (Which seems crazy, right?) But the deposits are fully refundable, which takes all the guesswork out of it.

      The only excuse I can think of as to why we have to pay $1500 deposit is that at the time of the announcement the dollar was at .68US.

    If i was in the market for a new car i would be there. This is energy democracy in the making. Along with rooftop solar Aussies will have the potential to travel and live mostly fossil fuel free and almost zero carbon emissions. Can totally understand why either visionary or enterprising people would be quing up for a slice of the early adopters action.

      You are spot on 978lee!!!

      I am both honoured and flattered by you calling me visionary and enterprising ;-)

    I was in that queue this morning and have made my reservation. Why? To get my Model 3 as soon as possible, which yes will still be about 2 years from now. Every 100 people ahead of me might means weeks extra in delivery time due to Tesla's constrained but growing production capability. If I waited until online reservations started at 2:30 tomorrow, I could be 6 months or worse behind in the queue. The deposit is refundable so there's nothing to lose. As to "on selling" my reservation - not possible. Either I buy the car or give up my place. The only option would be to buy the car then sell it, and why would I do that? Also, people could reserve max 2 cars. Tesla are very ethical about this sort of thing.

      Congrats, very jealous! Unfortunately, no Tesla store in my state means I'll be waiting until tomorrow to make a reservation :(

    Who is this "Elton" you're talking about? :'D

      Haha...I thought he was the Rocket Man not the Tesla Man!

    Didn't know there was a "right-hand drive US market" :)

    With so much interest and how amazing the S is, I can't see much of a downside to pre-ordering. I would be there if I lived in a city with a Tesla dealership!

      Ha! Damn it. I was sitting on the steps of the Tesla dealership, a Model S drove past, and I was thinking as I typed that... "yep, right-hand drive, the US is right-hand drive." Fixed, ta!

    How about no deposit! Oprah pops out of the dealership, YOU GET A TESLA, YOU GET A TESLA, YOU GET A TESLA, oh wait time to wake up.

    First time I've heard a car referred to as a Gadget.....

    Putting refundable deposits on an unknown car which won't be available for 2 years and which may be close to $100k is quite odd. No sensible person would do that.

      Yeah but it gives them something new to talk about for the next 2 years, "Hey did you hear i'm getting the new Tesla" .... "yes yes we know you're a vegan .. oh wait you have something NEW to talk about? Let me put down my mochaccino."

    And its battery life will die within two years just like their Iphones :D

      Well that's nonsense... my EV is 18 months old and lost only a few percent of its capacity after charging every 1-2 days. At that rate I can expect the battery to last 15+ years, at which point a new battery pack will not only be not very expensive, but might have 2 or 3 times the capacity. Instant car upgrade!

      You should also read about 'Wizzy' the Nissan Leaf taxi in Cornwall. It's done 160,000 km in 2 years, been rapid charged over 1700 times, yet retains near full battery health.

      Another nail in the coffin of the EV naysayers, for whom reality keeps on cruelly disproving their silly, evidence-free, assertions.

    Drive from Sydney to Perth? Endurance Race?

    Who does these things, 0.05% of the population?

    Last time I looked you could get an airfare from Syd to Perth for less than $150 and it didn't take 3 days!!!

    I think it's awesome they love waiting, will give them good practice when the Tesla club goes on a cruise and they all line up to recharge.

    Anyone know what to do if you don't live in Melb or Syd? They don't take phone orders I already tried..

    Why is driving from Sydney to Perth in 3 days the definition of a car? Sounds more like some sadistic ritual. Most people fly. I'd say almost no cars in Australia ever make this trip (and very few Aussies) and the few that do, only can because someone has built hundreds of gas stations along the way. A couple more superchargers (or stopping at some other electric outlet) and I'll be able to do this trip in my tesla easy. Infact with autopilot the car could probably do it for me. Don't feel threatened by new technology, experience it. You'll soon realise it's just better.

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