Harry Potter Recut By The Way Of The Force Awakens Is Perfection

That first big trailer for The Force Awakens was great, and we've established that anytime you cut another movie in the same style, the end result is just as great. So what happens when you recut Harry Potter with it? Perfection.

Jonny Holloway, a UK screenwriter and filmmaker has gone and taken Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and put it together in the same style as the Force Awakens trailer. The result is pretty damn good, capturing the urgency of the film and all of its great visuals.



    Creating movie trailers is an art within itself. However, while they are supposed to give the audience some idea of the movie that they are advertising and encourage you to go and see it, but at the same time they don't really reflect the movie very well at all. Often they tend to make the movie appear better than what it actually is. There are perfect example where fans create trailers to make horror movies seem like a comedy or vice versa.

    Thinking about it, I would like to see a movie that actually incorporates a trailer component as part of the movie itself. It could be a good way of tying a number of different scenes together with different actors doing different things all around the same time.

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