Foxtel Might Be Adding Netflix To Its Upcoming Streaming Service

With over a million subscribers, Netflix has firmly established itself as the content streaming service in Australia, and Foxtel is taking notice. With Foxtel continuing to work on its own on-demand streaming service and accompanying hardware, bulking up the online viewing catalogue is a priority -- as is ensuring it is legitimate competition.

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According to SMH, Foxtel is not only considering adding Netflix to its service (known internally as "Puck") but is also approaching Discovery, the BBC and Viacom for video-on-demand rights to more content.

It's not new for a streaming service to allow access to another streaming service's content -- Fetch TV hosts both Netflix and Stan -- but this is an unprecedented move for Foxtel, which highlights the uphill battle it is facing. Foxtel is still viewed as the polar opposite to every other on demand service -- expensive, inconvenient and inflexible. A new advertising campaign focusing on combating this perception was launched on Sunday night.

Foxtel's "Puck" will be in direct competition with Telstra TV -- Telstra is a 50 per cent shareholder in Foxtel. With the announcement of a new CEO for Foxtel last week, it was revealed that Telstra is considering selling off at least some it's share in Foxtel, for $4.5 billion.


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    So at the end of the day the rewards still end up at the doorstep of the same select few — a win win situation as Rupert would say...


    Instead of trying to incorporate Netflix, Foxtel should take all the broadcast rights they've locked up, and use it to offer the Australian equivalent of Hulu Plus.

    Netflix is great, but it doesn't give us access to the latest episodes of popular TV series, so this is where Foxtel should stamp its mark. I'd definitely be willing to pay $15 p/m (which is what I currently pay for 4K Netflix) for an on-demand platform that is the same is as Netflix, but instead offered me the latest episodes of The walking Dead, Game of Thrones, etc, within hours of them being aired in the US. The fact that Foxtel currently doesn't provide this type of platform, at a reasonable price, is what drives so many Australians to piracy. I'm aware of Foxtel Play, but lets not pretend that it's in the same price bracket as Netflix.

      Play is kinda garbage. Godawful resolution, limited devices, and outrageous price, and a tiny library (seriously - three of four episodes per series? It seems it's basically meant to be a catch-up service for whatever's currently airing on foxtel. Because who doesn't want to double their foxtel subscription fee for minimal improvement?).

      I canceled my free month trial within the first few days.

        The only way I can see this being of interest to me is if a traditional Foxtel subscription (i.e. with an iQ2 or 3 box) included Netflix.

        At the moment the Foxtel subscription I'd be interested in would cost me $55 per month. That's the base package + Drama package (for Game of Throne, Walking Dead, etc) + HD package. If that $55 p/m included 4K Netflix, exactly as currently offered in Aus, then that would effectively bring the cost of the Foxtel package down to $40 p/m, as I'm already paying $15 p/m for Netflix anyway.

        At present I'd be happy to pay $15 p/m for Netflix, and another ~$15 p/m for a service like HBO Go or Hulu Plus. So I'd probably pay $40 p/m for Foxtel that included Netflix, provided it was HD, but am not really swayed by the prospect of $40 p/m for Foxtel + $15 for Netflix (i.e. $55 p/m total with a $15 Netflix service fully included).

    Can't imagine Netlix actually being interested in this?

      If it's just another Netflix app, why not? Netflix have apps on pretty much everything, that's their major advantage over most other streaming services with very limited app availability. I had a presto three month trial, I checked it out twice. Why? I didn't have any device that could stream it except for my computer, and I'm not watching TV or movies on my computer rather than my 65" TV.

        We solved this pretty cheaply with a Chromecast :-)

          I had a windows phone at the time and google is hugely anti competitive when it comes to windows phone. Now, I'm not paying for Presto given I threw away a three month trial thanks to no apps.

    Doesn't Telstra TV have Netflix included? Giving Netflix access inside the IQ box is a smart move. The more people change the HDMI input on their TV, the less they'll use Foxtel and feel it is "good value for money". If they can do everything they want within that IQ device, they don't consider the fact they could be doing the same thing without Foxtel.

    Wonder if this will roll up for old subscribers or if you need to add an extra package on top.

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