Fitmodo: Prostate Cancer Treatment Breakthrough And brainBAND Revolutionises Concussion Awareness

Fitmodo: Prostate Cancer Treatment Breakthrough And brainBAND Revolutionises Concussion Awareness

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This week: We interview the team behind Samsung’s brainBAND, Australian scientists bring prostate cancer treatments from 40 to five in a trial and a patch that gives injections.

Concussion In Sports Is Being Revolutionised By This Australian Made Gadget

Dr Alan Pearce is a neuroscientist heavily involved in concussion research and education. Braden Wilson is an industrial designer and tech entrepreneur.

Together with Samsung, they have developed the brainBAND, an accessible wearable technology designed to facilitate research into concussion in sports.

CSIRO And Dell Develop Technology To Combat Post-Birth Complication

pregnant woman

The CSIRO has teamed up with Dell to deliver CSIRO’s newest high performance computing cluster (HPC), named Pearcey. The Pearcey cluster supports CSIRO research activities in a broad range of areas such as Bioinformatics, Fluid Dynamics and Materials Science.

One CSIRO researcher is using Pearcey for the modelling work behind the development of an improved nylon mesh for use in pelvic organ prolapse (POP) surgery, which has the potential to benefit the one in five Australian women that have surgery for the condition at some point in their lives.

This Wearable Patch Monitors Blood Sugar And Injects Drugs

This little patch may look like a waterproof plaster, but it’s much more intelligent than that. Its gold-and-graphene circuitry is capable of keeping an eye on your pH, temperature and glucose levels. Then it punches you with micro-needles to inject a dose of drugs.

Designed for sufferers of diabetes by researchers from South Korea’s Institute for Basic Science, the device monitors the wearer’s sweat. Its sensor is designed to measure glucose levels, but that bit of circuitry behaves differently depending on temperature and pH, so the team also added sensors to record those, too.

Australian Scientists Make Major Prostate Cancer Treatment Breakthrough

Australian researchers have launched a clinical trial which will use revolutionary technology to improve targeting accuracy for patients undergoing radiotherapy for prostate cancer — cutting treatment time from 40 visits to just five.

A Clever New Strap Brings EKG Readings To The Apple Watch

Apple had big plans for its Apple Watch before it launched last year but had to scrap many of its more forward-thinking features, including an electrocardiogram sensor or EKG. But one company, AliveCor, wants to add the feature retroactively with its own strap.

It’s called Kardia. Like many of AliveCor’s iPhone cases, the strap uses a metal sensor to take a 30-second EKG reading through a dedicated app. You can even set up the Apple Watch app so that it will send information to a physician if things look dire. People can also dictate symptoms or current conditions through the microphone on the Apple Watch.

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