Feds Respond To Apple: Stop Being A Baby

Feds Respond to Apple: Stop Being a Baby

The US Department of Justice just responded to Apple in the ongoing court battle over what Apple must do to help the FBI unlock an iPhone — and the response is a 43-page document with an argument that can be summarised as "Apple is being a baby". The DOJ argues that All Writs is an acceptable statute to use in the case, and says that Apple can easily spare employees and resources to create code that will help officials unlock the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters. Motherboard's Adrienne Jeffries highlighted this eye roll of a passage from the DOJ response, detailing just how easy unlocking the phone would be:

By Apple's own reckoning, the corporation — which grosses billions of dollars a year — would need to set aside as few as six of its 100,000 employees for perhaps as little as two weeks. This burden, which is not unreasonable, is the direct result of Apple's deliberate marketing decision to engineer its products so that the government cannot search them, even without a warrant.

Apple's security measures, like its move to increase encryption on newer phones, are characterised as deliberate impediments to law enforcement :

Apple deliberately raised technological barriers that now stand between a lawful warrant and an iPhone containing evidence related to the terrorist mass murder of 14 Americans

You can read the entire response here:



    lol this has gone on way too long. The FBI have a warrant, just unlock the phone.

      Yep, that's what I reckon. It wouldn't be hard to make a special OS that could be uploaded via a computer that would get rid of its locking feature. I understand that Apple doesn't want to make a backdoor on all its phones and so they shouldn't but they should help the FBI crack individual phones when necessary.

        So they should also help ASIO, ASIS, Chinese Government etc etc etc as long as they have a magical piece of paper which says it's "legal"?

        A big part of the argument is that if they do it for the FBI, it'll be used as precedent for continuous ongoing requests. And you know it will.

          The FBI have a court ordered warrant.
          The phone is evidence in a terrorrist investigation.

            Having a warrant doesn't necessarily mean they have the power to compel Apple to do their dirty work for them. Thats still to be determined, and a NY judge last week overseeing a very similar case came to the conclusion that the FBI couldn't force Apple to do their work in a ruling that contradicts that from California.

            Clearly the laws need to be reviewed as it's ambiguous.

          Trust and respect are earned not given, governments around the world have abused their people for way too long especially in america, the government feels like its the bottom line and the buck stops with them but I'm sorry to say the people actually have a say in society.

          I don't know if you guys actually realize the implications of apple standing up to the american government or you just pass it off as some minor detail? has the government stopped a single terrorist attack? what about the one in california where 14 people died? or the ones in london in 2006? the NSA and GCHQ have all this information and the terror still goes on.

            That is a joke right? That the only terrorist attacks planned are the ones that succeeded and no attacks have ever been intercepted?

            This isn't about government versus people and it never was. Apple just want to take some moral high ground. Except it's not moral. People DIED. This might help prevent more people dying. You (and Apple) value a dead terrorists right to privacy over preventing more innocent dead people?

            These "it's so sad" platitudes that Apple trot out to the victims families are empty words when they actively prevent a lawful warrant.

            Nobody asked for a back door.

              The FBI have been asking for a back door for years...the exact same people running this case now in fact.

              It's not about protecting the privacy of a terrorist, it's about protecting the privacy of the population as a whole.

              You realise some of the victims families have openly supported Apple right?

              Do you work for the FBI or something? it seems you have this dead people thing memorized really well.

              Just keep repeating "terrorist" and "dead people" and you can get what ever you want, lets just forget about the laws in the mean time and let the feds do what ever they want cause they are so so special and trustworthy.....

              Maybe a little transparency from governments with OUR money or have you forgotten that?

          Yep. Same way a Chinese company would have to let the Australian police search their premises in Australia if they had a valid search warrant. If you operate in a particular jurisdiction, your operation is subject to the laws of that jurisdiction.

        You do realise terrorists phones make up less than 0.0001% of iphone users right? Are you saying we should compromise the security of everyone phones just because the FBI are inept morons? This situation has nothing to do with investigating a terrorist attack, FBI is just using that as an excuse, They want a backdoor into the iphone to exploit.

        We already know how butthurt the FBI is about encryption.

        "“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” - Benjamin Franklin

        Last edited 11/03/16 2:14 pm

          So glad you managed to get all the terrorists to do a surveymonkey so you could gather that factual iPhone use amongst terrorist data for us all.

          0.0001% you say?

          Good job.

          What's the android percentage just so I'm clear on your incredible insight into the terrrorist smartphone demographic?

          Less than .0001% of terrorists use iphones?

          where on earth did you pull those numbers from? The annual terrorist phone statistics booklet?

          Well if Apple get their way, its will be 100% of terrorists....

    Reeks of desperation. This court case will fail, and we should all be glad.

    What worries me about this is the FBI can't even crack a phone. They are complaining that apple have the resources and 'they' with all their government backing dont?

    Seems to me that the FBI are being the cry babies.

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