Edible Utensils Are Good For You And The Planet

Edible Utensils Are Good for You and the Planet

Video: Plastic cutlery might be cheap, but it's also annoying to reuse and terrible for the environment when you throw it out. So Narayana Peesapaty set out to make utensils you can eat. He calls them Bakeys. Bakeys are made from a mix of millet, rice and wheat flours and, as the name implies, baked dry. They have a shelf life of about three years and probably taste a little bit like cereal. Of course you don't have to eat your utensils; Bakeys will safely biodegrade in the bin. They do look rather delicious and come in three flavours: plain, sweet or spicy (a mix of black pepper, cumin and caraway).

Currently these tasty pieces of cutlery are available in a variety of shapes including soup spoons, sporks and even chopsticks. Unfortunately for customers outside Hyderabad, India, you must order at least 10,000 Bakeys at a time.

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