Delightful App Turns Humming Into Sheet Music

Delightful App Turns Humming Into Sheet Music

This new app is musical wizardry: Hum into your phone, and the humming is instantly transformed into a digital song, complete with onscreen sheet music.

Samsung debuted the app, called Hum On!, at the SXSW in Austin this week. The notes to whatever tune you hum appear on your phone’s screen in a flash, letting you arrange or score music regardless of your skill level.

Next, you can pick the arrangement style to tweak the sound and mood of your song: The little girl in the Samsung promo video turns “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” into a ballad, and then into a nursery rhyme pumped with an R&B feel. From there, you can edit the pitch and length of individual notes, and then blast your polished creation onto social media.

The app is still in beta, so it’s not ready quite yet. But when it is, let your musical whims fly free. Unless your humming is way off tune. Don’t know what to tell you in that case.