DARPA’s New Vertical Take-Off Aircraft Concept Looks Totally Badarse

Video: This week, DARPA unveiled the latest concept design for its new vertical take-off and landing craft. And hell this electric aeroplane look impressive.

DARPA has in fact awarded the second phase of its design contract to the concept, which has been created by Aurora Flight Sciences. Called X-Plane, it will use a 4000 horsepower engine — actually the same one as is in the existing VTOL craft the V-22 Osprey, according to Engadget — to create 3 megawatts of electricity. In turn, that will be used to power 24 fans dotted along the airframe to create thrust.

The result? Hopefully flight speeds of between 300 and 400 knots and the ability to carry payloads that make up 40 per cent of its expected 4536kg total weight. And an aeroplane that looks totally badarse, of course.

[DARPA via Engadget]