Be Excited About These New Clips From Scifi Thriller Midnight Special

Be Excited About These New Clips from Scifi Thriller Midnight Special

Sometimes, letting yourself get too feverishly excited about an upcoming film can backfire. But a letdown doesn't seem imminent with Jeff Nichols' upcoming scifi thriller Midnight Special, which has a fantastic cast (Michael Shannon, Adam Driver, Kirsten Dunst) and gives off major Spielberg-meets-Carpenter vibes.

We've drooled over all the trailers and the poster thus far, and Indiewire's Playlist just debuted these three TV clips, giving us even more to look forward to. After premiering at the Berlin Film Festival, Midnight Special will make its stateside debut at SXSW and (finally) come out March 18.

[The Playlist]

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    ... and (finally) come out March 18.A bit of effort on localisation for Australia would have been appreciated.

    The movie's IMDB page doesn't mention Australia at all, but a couple of indie-type movie cinemas have list listed as coming out April 21st. I can't find any cinemas in Brisbane that mention it though :(.

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