Android N Makes Some Great Changes To Google's Smartphone OS

Video: Google's Android operating system gets regular updates, and those updates are usually no surprise. Split-screen multi-tasking, for example, has been a long time coming. That's why it's nice to see exactly that, along with some welcome overhauls to the notifications panel and the settings menu, in the developer previews now hitting hardcore users' Nexus smartphones before general release.

Everybody's favourite YouTube tech guy Marques Brownlee, or MKBHD -- seriously, go follow him right now -- has a great run-through of his five favourite features that have been added in the Android N Developer Preview, which unexpectedly dropped after some early images of it leaked. His videos are always super crispy, and this one's no different -- make sure you watch it full-screen in 1080p. [YouTube]


    I just got the Nexus 6p today, and after switching from the OnePlus One, I really wish the Double Tap To Wake function was built-in on stock Android, I don't want to have to root the device to get this functionality.

      Yeah, that's a great feature. Had it on my moto x and always thought every Android phone should have that feature.

        Agree'd. Google, get on it.

        No idea how your comment wasn't here when I replied to M0F0 last night though...

      Just touch the fingerprint sensor as you pick it up to turn the screen on. You'll end up doing this without even trying most of the time anyway

        Yeah I have that set up, but you can't do that when it's on the desk, it's kind of annoying.

        Plus my fingers don't naturally fall into the fingerprint readers sensor anyway.

        I hate having any locks on my phone at all and always turn then off but now I've got a galaxy note and every time I grab it and put it in my pocket, it starts up. Huge pain in the arse. Give me the double knock to start my phone anytime.

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