AMD's Graphics Card For VR Is Stupid Powerful And Horribly Expensive

AMD's Graphics Card for VR Is Stupid Powerful and Horribly Expensive

The specs needed to just power a VR headset are painfully high, so it stands to reason that the hardware used by developers to make those games will need to be something special. That's what AMD is trying to deliver with its new Radeon Pro Duo, unveiled at the Game Developer's Conference today.

The new card is challenging for the title of "most powerful singe graphics card in the world", using one simple trick: cramming two GPUs onto one board. That means 16 teraflops of computing power, way up from Nvidia's Titan X card, which delivers 7 teraflops. Yes, that's a linear scale, so yes, it's a big jump up.

It's not a game-changer in terms of the amount of power you can fit into one build, though: the hardware of the Pro Duo is basically two AMD Fury X cards working together, something that's very easy to do right now, if you have a big case and $US1,200 ($1,600) to spare.

Speaking of money: the Pro Duo isn't cheap, selling for $US1,500 ($2,000). The high price reflects the people AMD is aiming this card at, namely game developers working on titles in VR. Sure, you could use the Pro Duo to play games on an Oculus Rift (or two!) quite happily, but there's not much point for the average consumer. Still, it's nice to have something to aspire to in life.




    On the plus side, it means that AMD must be wanting to push Crossfire solutions for VR rendering, I can only hope that Nvidia does as well. It's a simple way for people to get a lot of extra performance for an area that finally warrants it.

    NOW APPLE needs to update the Mac Pro and put these babies in as standard !

    i'd rather use this to game at 4k at 200hz

      Now we just meed monitors to catch up haha.

      But after suffering with amd crossfire support for the last few years i dont think i could bring myself to buy another dual amd card. I'll wait for nvidias offerings this time round.

        As someone who has used both companies offerings in CF/SLI for years..
        If you are annoyed with the problems with one, you will be annoyed with the problems of both.

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