10 Plot Holes In Popular Movies That Can't Be Explained Because They Screwed Up

10 Plot Holes in Popular Movies That Can't Be Explained Because They Screwed Up

Video: Blockbuster movies that cost millions of dollars with hundreds of talented people working on them still manage to screw up all the time. Whether the screw ups pop up because of editing or deleted scenes or just plain forgetfulness, the most embarrassing movie mistakes are often in the giant sized plot holes that the filmmakers hope we ignore. It can be as silly as why all the bad guys suddenly die in The Avengers, why don't the helpful eagles just drop the dwarves closer in The Hobbit, how time travel works in The Prisoner of Azkaban or what technology actually existed in Back to the Future III. Here's a list from Screen Rant detailing 10 silly plot holes that can't be explained. The movies include:

  • Star Trek
  • The Avengers
  • The Hobbit
  • Iron Man 2
  • Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban
  • Iron Man
  • Transformers
  • Fast & Furious 6
  • Back To The Future Part
  • The Empire Strikes Back


    I don't get how the Transformers one is a problem exactly. From my understanding/vague rememberings, the Allspark gives life but it doesn't give knowledge, so all the transformers it creates aren't evil or decepticons but rather just wild animals, running on mindless instinct rather than deliberate evil.

    I don't think the Harry Potter one is a plothole either. They don't know they succeeded, and going back a second time wasn't an option because there'd be even more chance of the running into themselves and things going horribly horribly wrong. Even Dumbledore didn't know if they'd succeed (although he surmised they saved Buckbeak at least).
    I don't see a hole.

    I'm sure there's also some great relativistic explanation for the Star Trek thing, and once you go down that path, then I assume you could find a way to get the computers to calculate the delay based on relative speeds, distances, etc and predict the location and time accurately.

    I liked the episode of Big Bang Theory where Amy points out (the semi-plot hole) that Indy is completely superfluous to the whole Raiders of the Lost Ark story.


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