Wrangle Loose Decks Of Cards With This Kingly Silicone Strap

Wrangle Loose Decks of Cards With This Kingly Silicone Strap

Massive accelerators like the one at CERN create particles that can exist for as little as billionths of a second. But you know what lasts even shorter? The cardboard box a deck of cards comes in, leaving you with a loose deck and missing cards, unless you grab this clever alternative.

Wrangle Loose Decks of Cards With This Kingly Silicone Strap

The Hold'em, available from Animi Causa for $US8 ($11), is a simple silicone band that's designed to wrap around, and securely hold, a standard deck of 52 cards without cutting into the edges or warping them by squeezing too hard. It also features a double-sided King design, similar to the face cards in a deck, so there's no mistaking what it's supposed to be used for.

[Animi Causa]


    $11 for a rubber band? Ummmm...thanks...but no thanks!

      If I was going to spend that much I'd get a porper clip

        or just don't throw away the box to start with!

    What's wrong with 2 rubber bands? or 1 bigger one twisted to cover all 4 sides?

    Rubber bands wear the sides of the cards.

    A friend of ours suggested bondage tape, they actually work really well.

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