What It's Like To Be In A Drag Race That Goes From 0 To 509km/h In 3.77 Seconds

What It's Like to Be in a Drag Race That Goes from 0 to 509km/h in 3.77 Seconds

Video: It's over so fast, you don't even know what happens. Here's what it's like to be inside the hot rod of 2013 NHRA Top Fuel champion Shawn Langdon. He guns his car from zero to 509km/h in a ridiculous 3.77 seconds, and all you really get to see is a total blur.


    All that and I'm thinking that they need to upgrade that ancient serial port...


      BUT a USB may not survive the G-Force. (If a computer is plugged in for datalogging tests.

      (Or just get a sealed ruggedised USB)

    Unfortunately the US doesn't do quarter mile anymore but at speeds that high it's kind of understandable.

    But rs232 runs at 12v like the electrical system in the car. It's more rugged as it can withstand variations in signal strength, temporary short circuits. It's a screw in connector not friction fit.

    Geez.... I ride a GSXR 1000 and I thought *THAT* was fast. Didn't even realize a petrol burning vehicle could even accomplish something like this. It is a petrol car right? We're not looking at a rocket propelled vehicle here?

      yes they are a petrol powered car, they run an alcohol mixture, nitromethane and methanol, this is a 300 meter run as they dont do a full 1/4 mile (405m) anymore, the fastest rocket powered drag car did a 1/4 mile, in 3.58 @ 621 kmh.

      its some crazy engineering happening for a hunk of metal and rubber moving 300 meters in 4 seconds. i highly recommend you at least see them run once in your life, the sound literally sits in your chest, and you feel your teeth rattle, there isnt much like it.

        That's nuts, it's hard to believe a petrol car, ethanol/methanol/nitromagical or not, could accomplish such massive acceleration. Colour me impressed.

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