Watch Cyclists Get Blown Backwards In A Race Because The Wind Was Too Strong

Watch Cyclists Get Blown Backwards in a Race Because the Wind Was Too Strong

Video: Everything seems to be going swimmingly in this stage of the Volta La Marina in Benidorm but then all of a sudden the cyclists fall off pace of the car and seem to be slowing down to a legitimate crawl and then basically hit a full stop all at once. What happened? It was the wind. The strong winds pushed against the cyclists stopping them in their tracks and even blowing some backwards. The race was suspended because of it. Mother nature. She's strong.


    And this is why cars will always be better than bikes.

    Around the 4 minute mark is when you start to see the effects of the wind, in case anyone just wants to see the good stuff.

      You, good sir, are the reason why i still have faith in humanity.

    Set up some wind turbines there...

    Looks like it's actually a crosswind and they're being pushed sideways rather than backward. They're only slowing/stopping because they can't ride straight. Still hilarious.

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