Watch An Entire Year Of Weather In One Video

Video: Thanks to all the satellites hanging out watching our planet these days, 24/7 coverage of the weather is basically a given. So it's not surprising that a year's worth of weather can be condensed into one eight-minute video, but it's still a damn beautiful sight. The European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) is, unsurprisingly, a group that pools data from worldwide weather satellites, with a focus on European countries. Its data visualisation team took a year's worth of infrared meteorological data, and superimposed it on NASA's "Blue Marble" ground maps, which show the world changing with the seasons.

The end result is an eight-minute summary of how the planet's weather changed over the course of 2015. It's actually a very concise look at how Earth's weather systems work — where storms originate and travel to, how and why seasons change the type of weather and why Australia is a bad place to be in March.



    Why haven't we got a 24/7 video feed available to all, that would be nice return for all the money invested....

    Last edited 04/02/16 7:42 am gives you pretty much all of that. A live realtime view would be pretty boring to watch though; even what we see in this video has been pieced together from various sources (one can see the occasional glitch when there is missing data, and the line just west of Western Australia).

      That's weather Radar , I'm talking about proper HD video of the earth from space .where we could all go to click on the site and see where we live ,like city cams.... to me its conspicuous by its absence....

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