Watch An Entire Year Of Weather In One Video

Video: Thanks to all the satellites hanging out watching our planet these days, 24/7 coverage of the weather is basically a given. So it’s not surprising that a year’s worth of weather can be condensed into one eight-minute video, but it’s still a damn beautiful sight.

The European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) is, unsurprisingly, a group that pools data from worldwide weather satellites, with a focus on European countries. Its data visualisation team took a year’s worth of infrared meteorological data, and superimposed it on NASA’s “Blue Marble” ground maps, which show the world changing with the seasons.

The end result is an eight-minute summary of how the planet’s weather changed over the course of 2015. It’s actually a very concise look at how Earth’s weather systems work — where storms originate and travel to, how and why seasons change the type of weather and why Australia is a bad place to be in March.