Watch A Woodworker Build Settlers Of Catan Out Of A Single 2x4

Watch a Woodworker Build Settlers of Catan Out of a Single 2x4

Video: In the post-apocalypse, you want Aaron Day on your team. Using incredibly limited resources, he manages to recreate Settlers of Catan, one of the most beloved board games, using an inspired and economical approach to woodworking. He makes all of the game pieces out of a single 2x4. What might be the most interesting/painstaking part involved the creation of the game's resource and development cards. First, Day shaved long strips of wood off the 2x4 , and then soaked them in water. Day then ironed the now-pliable shavings flat, glued them into sheets, cut out cards of the appropriate size and then transferred images onto them. Now that's clever resource management.



    " In the post-apocalypse, you want Aaron Day on your team". Really?

    Sure, he only used a 2 x 4 to make this game, and his planning and woodworking skills seem to be reasonable, but he needed about 1/2 a dozen power tools INCLUDING an iron, (all of which also imply the existence of electricity), numerous manual tools, spray varnish, spray adhesive, sticky tape, wax paper, and a laser printer (to create the pictures).

    If such things (and the wherewithal to manufacture them) are all available in the post-apocalypse, then I'm not too worried about the future! If they were scavenged from the ruins, then he really shouldn't be wasting them!

    I think there might be a bit of hyperbole in the writer's enthusiastic appreciation.

      I would think that this is the guy you would want on your team:

        That's more like it. Thanks. OTH, I really do hope that it doesn't come to that!

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