Watch A Navy Battleship Sink To The Bottom Of The Ocean

Watch a Navy Battleship Sink to the Bottom of the Ocean

Video: The Mexican Navy sank a battleship off the coast of Rosarito, Mexico in order to create an artificial reef. Apparently, it's the first artificial reef made in Baja California. GoPro shows the footage of the entire process. You can see the timed explosions and the rushing of water that caused the ship to be be brought down.


    Always gives me the worse anxiety when i watch a ship sink. Especially when its falling underwater.

    "Battleship". It's a patrol boat.

      Yeah, the term 'warship' would be a better general term the 'battleship'.

      It's a Mexican battleship. You should see the size of a Mexican patrol boat, especially the chihuahua class vessels.

      Was just about to comment and say the same thing haha. If that's a battleship, my car is a tank :)

    "Battleship"... May as well call it a super Star destroyer aircraftcarrier, flagship of grand fleet admiral McSinkypants, chief advertising executive for GoPro.

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