Watch A Huge 30 Metre Wave Crash Down And Smash A Ship

Watch a Huge 30m Wave Crash Down and Smash a Ship

Video: Damn. It's like hitting a wall. Or rather, it's like a wall hitting you. This footage shows giant wave after giant wave pummelling a ship and when you think they have finally weathered the storm, in comes the biggest and baddest wave that smacks the boat silly. The maniacal laughter from the person taking the footage might be the best part of the video though.


    the open ocean is pants-shittingly terrifying enough for me as it is, I think i would actually die from a heart/anxiety attack were i on that ship. jesus christ.

      Yep! Underpants dying material for me, to the color BROWN!

    Jeez that weather and the size of those waves in open ocean is enough to give anyone a heart attack. Crikey!!

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