Use Bing Search To Tune Your Guitar

Use Bing Search to Tune Your Guitar

Google's venerable (and profitable) search engine is well known for offering useful tools beyond its core functionality, and Microsoft has been tricking out Bing with a few extra features of its own — such as an app for tuning your guitar right from the search page. Here's how to make sure you're playing in tune using Microsoft's search engine.

As with Google, the trick is inputting the right query: in this case you need to type "guitar tuner" into Bing, and hey presto, that's exactly what you get. Choose your tuning option from the drop-down list at the top of the dialog box and then click on any note to hear it. If you're on a laptop, phone or tablet and have internet access, you'll never be out of tune again.

If you want to keep time more accurately, you can also try searching "metronome." When the tool pops up, set your parameters accordingly then click Start to hear it. Microsoft says the two tools were written by interns working on Bing over the summer months, and they're both features that the mighty Google doesn't offer (at least not yet).


    That's pretty cool! Still won't get me to use bing over google though!

    Sounds like a massive gimmick that people will use once to test it out then happily ignore it forever (especially if it's not a chromatic one)...

    Anyone that owns a guitar is more than likely going to have at least an el-cheapo chromatic tuner that will do the job easier, faster and without need for a computer / mobile device, internet connection, and microphone / interface cable. Hell, I've got a crappy tuning pedal sitting in my pedal chain and all that's needed to check tunings is to stamp on it...

      When i was a teenager and played lots of guitar i always googled guitar tuner and there were websites with this functionality on them. It was quicker and more convenient then using my plug in tuner. I can see a use, its just 15 years later than other websites.

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