Trump Wants To Boycott Apple 

Trump Wants to Boycott Apple

US GOP presidential candidate and sack of rotting tangerines Donald Trump has called for a boycott of Apple products until the tech company obeys the government's demands about unlocking a suspect's phone. "Boycott Apple," the pumpkin-themed businessman said at a rally in South Carolina.

Trump's boycott suggestion comes in the middle of a fight between Apple and the Department of Justice. Today, the DOJ filed a motion for a court order to compel Apple to help it unlock one of the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone by creating a software to help the FBI brute-force the passcode.

This is not the first dumb suggestion Trump has had about Apple this election season -- hey, remember when he suggested that he'd force Apple to manufacture inside the US even though a president can't do that? -- but it is, perhaps, even dumber? I'm losing my ability to discern when Trump says something idiotic and when Trump says something extremely idiotic. It's all blurring together. I'm so cold.

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    For the first time I'm hoping people embrace their love of Apple products and boycott Trump instead. Yet again Trump is showing how he embodies everything that is wrong with the far right in America

    Pumpkin themed businessman.. good one!! lol

    Lots of people got killed by this person and his phone has information the fbi police and gov want, but a lot of mindless stupid people are. More worried about their nude selfies and stupid little fluff in their lives, more than lives being lost. What are you trying to hide Hmmm gov fraud, welfare cheats, criminals, terroists, got to wonder about these people

      Trying to hide my banking details when I use phone banking.

        Same here. Also trying to keep passwords safe for every site that requires a log-in to access.

    Never have and never will own an apple product. The worst company on the planet for trying to lock in customers to it's overpriced products.
    What good reason can there possibly be to refuse to unlock the phone of a known terrorist.
    It's not like they have never done this before.

      Which terrorists iPhone was previously unlocked by Apple since they upgraded the security features in iOS, rendering it impossible to do so? I must have missed those articles.

      Can you please provide the link/s? Thanks Nobummer, greatly appreciated and looking forward to the reading.

    I guess Trump didn't buy many Apple shares a decade ago (because he thought they were a bad bet) and is now sour that Apple if doing so much better than any of his companies ever could.

    Gawd I'd like to slap trump! Repeatedly. Over and over and over again.......and again.....

    People seem to forget that "crypto is math" (Steve Gibson security now and is already public so adding a master key is just adding a back doors for me to find, if this all goes south it wil mean the end of privacy and will hurt apple as enterprise environments use apple products because of good security

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