Video: Razor RipSurf Is A Strange Hybrid Between A Skateboard And Surfboard

The Razor RipSurf is a Strange Hybrid Between a Skateboard and Surfboard

Razor has pretty much cornered the market on two-wheeled toys. The company was synonymous with the short-lived scooter fad, and it recently doubled-down on its obsession with two wheelers by releasing its very own "hoverboard." Now, Razor is going a step farther by introducing an entirely new way to get around on two wheels.

The new Razor RipSurf is a weird mix between a skateboard and a surfboard that glides along on two wheels mounted to then bottom of the board. The toy is similar to Razor's wildly popular RipStick, which you've more than likely seen tweens using to shred the entryway of your local shopping centre.

The Razor RipSurf is a Strange Hybrid Between a Skateboard and Surfboard

The RipSurf is easy to use, even on your first ride. Its polypropylene body is mounted on two sturdy caster wheels that move in 360 degrees. You get the board going by standing on it with two feet, then wiggling the front and back of the board to create an S-shape. The tension between the two wheels propels the board forward, allowing riders to emulate the type of carving that would typically only be seen while riding a wave.

The Razor RipSurf is a Strange Hybrid Between a Skateboard and Surfboard

What's cool about RipSurf, especially compared to Razor's older products, is that it takes the authentic shape of a surfboard, and it actually controls a lot like a surfboard too. I'm not sure how realistic it is to use one of these in a half pipe, but in theory it would work pretty darn well. Skateboarding was originally born out of surfing culture, and the RipSurf is a throwback to an era when people just wanted a chance to surf on concrete. I'd expect to see these boards everywhere — especially where the tweens are hanging out.



    So it is a reskinned rip-stick.

    Every year, there purports to be a "more authentic" land surfing experience, my she dif getting full of these novel but not, inventions-or not. (not really, I don't buy too many fads.

    Though, for a nice stable high speed downhill blast, the "dirtsurfer" is hard to beat, especially with a 100km/hr tow-in. (just make sure you have slicks and leathers for best performance/protection)

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