The Destruction Caused By The War In Syria Is Devastating

The Destruction Caused By the War in Syria Is Devastating

Video: Russia Works shot this aerial footage of Homs, Syria and the city, which was the third largest in the country and once home to a population of over 800,000, has been completely destroyed. Buildings and homes have turned to rubble, the city look like the aftermath of the apocalypse, and the people have disappeared. It is so tragic to see.

The footage is so devastating that you almost hope that it was a movie set or a video game or something that wasn't real life. Just a few years ago, all those buildings and those streets looked like any other normal city. Compare the before and after pictures here.


    And this is what the government is desperate to send refugees back to.

    Only good thing to come out of war are new improved FPS. DICE, hope your taking note of the awesome level design

      But can you imagine the amount of invisible walls that would stop bullets or trying to get from point a to point b. God its hard enough to jump up a gutter or into a train FFS

    And Turnbull thinks more bombing is needed!

    If we don't send back the refugees, in twenty years time, this is what Australia will look like, don't fall into these sympathy tricks, because this is where it starts.

      @igame @djbear- It is sympathy [empathy] that sets good people apart from ISIS and other terror groups. The ability to feel empathy for others is the bedrock of a humanity and civilised society. If you can't empathise with those less fortunate than you and their suffereing, and are only capable of seeing the world though your own ideological prism, it makes you no better than them @igame

        Blah, blah, blah, heard it all before, let's wait out and see shall we...

          @igame What I can guarantee you is this; If you treat refugees [from any race or religion] with kindness and afford them the same opportunities as white Australians and do not discriminate then the chances of them becoming terrorists are very very low. If we treat them with aggression and deny them equal opportunities then the chances of them turning against us are greatly increased. There is no "let's wait out and see" we are all responsible and what happens is down to you and I.

            I see what you're saying, in theory that all sounds very reasonable, but the problem is, these people are not interested in 'being reasonable'. What they've done to their country, they will likely do it here, if we allow them to change our laws to suit their religious garbage. If we don't change our laws, they will riot, until we yeild to their chantings.

            Do you want to risk this for the sake of sympathy?
            They will not listen to reasons, you can't reason with these people. Look at what's happening to Europe, look at what's happening to France, America and other countries that are being out numbered by Muslims.

            Do you want to wake up every morning hearing gun shots, rockets, missiles and bombs, people screeming and yelling because their tits and balls get blown off, just for the sake of sympathy?

            ...I should rest my case, but I know you're going to reply, so I'll rest my case after you respond...

            ...but if you don't respond, then I'll rest my case...


          Here is a little test: sedition is any act causing government, law, constitution, sovereign to be held in hatred and or contempt. This means government has no right to decide who comes to this nation without the consent of every citizen. yes or No?

            I rest my case, I'm going to buy a boat...

    Looks like every other country that has been "liberated" by the US and it's coalition partners. Was the destruction here been caused by Isis or the US armed "moderate rebels"? Reminds me of the before and after shots of Libya.

    yeah, I mean look what happened the first time they let a boatload of less than ideal immigrants in... 228 years ago last Australia day...

      Not this time, these refugees are different, their aim is to come in peacefully and quietly, once their kind is strong in numbers, they will take over the country using manipulation, aggression, intimidation and the persuasion of their barbaric religious laws.

      They don't need tanks, plans and warships, the media only gives them enough power.

      Our stupidity is to feel sorry for them.

      Islam is not a race, nor a religion of peace, it's a death plague disguise in black garbage bags.

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