Somehow Jeb Bush's URL Situation Got Even Sadder

Somehow Jeb's URL Situation Got Even Sadder

Jeb Bush is no longer running for US president, and even his trolls are abandoning him. Since last year, the owner of has redirected the site to Donald Trump's campaign page. Now it seems Jeb is too irrelevant to be domain pranked. The forlorn Floridian dropped out of the presidential race this weekend, and now the URL of his name goes to a "Related Links" page with some generic phone call lady -- the universal symbol for when a domain owner just wants filler for a useless digital space.

Somehow Jeb's URL Situation Got Even Sadder

The ! has been replaced by fading ellipses, trailing off into nothingness.

Image: AP


    So sad. How will this multimillionaire go on?

      I concur. In fact I even hear the tiniest violins playing right now...

    Check out the meaning of the Polish word jeb.

      Am I doing it wrong?:

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