Seeing A Drone Zoom Down The Burj Khalifa Feels Like Free Falling

Seeing a Drone Zoom Down the Burj Khalifa Feels Like Free Falling

Video: Flying a drone over Dubai? It's been done. Flying as a jetman all across the most famous buildings of Dubai? That too, has been done. It speaks to how nutty and batshit stunts have become (and how accessible it is for us to watch such nutty stunts) that normal nutty and batshit stunts can't be done anymore because well, they have been done. Here's something new though: Team Blacksheep flew a FPV Racer drone straight down the skyscrapers of Dubai. It feels like you're falling down to the ground (as opposed to just seeing majestic aerial views).


    yep quad racers will be the next best thing, very fast, very fun.

    Love drones. Currently have a couple cheap ones but seriously want to make a good fpv racing drone. The only negative I see is the short flight times.

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