Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked Launch Is The Largest VR Event In The World

Image Cache: On the eve of Mobile World Congress 2016, I'm at the launch of Samsung's latest Galaxy devices in Barcelona — and inside a custom-built 4000-seat auditorium, every seat has a Gear VR headset on it. Samsung tells me that this is the largest virtual reality event in the world.

You can actually watch Samsung's MWC 2016 conference in 360-degree virtual reality — but I was thinking that was only for the folks at home. I'm in the room and watching the show in VR. This is the future.

I don't know if anyone has ever even set a record for the largest virtual reality setup in one place, but I'd put money on this taking the cake. Seriously, this room is massive, full of people, and each one has a VR headset about to be strapped on to his or her face.


    These developers believe that hardcore gamers will enjoy playing games stuck their face, like bouncing around in front of the Kinect, but what they don't realise is, it's only good for porn. Even that, if you're tossing and someone walks in, an Instagram picture of you will be remembered forever on the Internet.

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    I would've loved to see it at the end when 1000 people tried to get up at once and all got tangled in the myriad of USB power cables!!

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