Samsung Galaxy S7 Will Be Light On Pre-Installed Software: Report

If you were expecting more news regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7, well, you picked the right horse. According to sources in touch with Talk Android, the S7's physical design isn't the only thing that's gotten some attention -- it'll be slimmer in the software department too.

Talk Android's Justin Herrick writes that the Android Marshmallow-powered device will cut back on the pre-installed software. Rather than burying users with bloatware, the S7 will pack just the essentials:

But this time things are different because the company has really worked on getting rid of the software features users have no use for unless intentionally seeking them out ... Samsung-made apps pre-installed on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge include a browser, file manager, music player, video player, gallery, and voice recorder. It seems like we're going to get "TouchWiz-lite" at last.

While uninstalling unwanted apps from one's phone is par for the course with new hardware, it's certainly not an unwelcome move on Samsung's part.

[Talk Android]



    Nice to hear. The lines of division between malware and bloatware are hard to see...

    Last edited 21/02/16 6:04 pm

    What a crock. They say the same shit every year, and their phones are still bogged down by laggy, RAM sucking Touchwiz. Remove Touchwiz altogether and they might actually have a decent device on their hands.

    Yup! Can't wait!

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