POV Solo Climb Of The World's Tallest Residential Building Is Guaranteed To Get Your Palms Sweating

POV Solo Climb of the World's Tallest Residential Building Is Guaranteed to Get Your Palms Sweating

Video: The Marina 101 is a residential skyscraper in Dubai which is, as the name suggests, 101 storeys tall. James Kingston decided to (illegally) ascend the building and walk out onto a crane which he repeatedly and alarmingly describes as "greasy". Personally, I'm feeling sick to my stomach just watching it. But Kingston is a thrill seeker so he's obviously having the time of his life. It's worth noting that the top of the Marina 101 is about 426.5m high, which is just tall enough that if you were unfortunate enough to fall, you'd briefly experience terminal velocity before turning into some sort of meat puddle.


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