Oppo Is Launching Its New $299 F1 Smartphone Next Week

A relative newcomer in the world of smartphones, Oppo is making a splash in Australia's mid-market ($250-$500) smartphone sales, creeping up on the likes of Apple, Samsung and Huawei. After the success of its $450-$550 R-series, the F1 is the first device to be introduced from Oppo's new F-series, coming with a further reduced price tag.

In this new release Oppo is pushing the new phone's photographic capabilities, boasting a 13MP rear camera and a 8MP front-facing camera with a wide f/2.0 lens and a 1/4 inch sensor — allowing for more light to enter the camera to provide clearer shots than most phones' standard front cameras.

The F1 boasts a smooth, zircon-dusted aluminium alloy body for a premium feel, as part of its mission to offer premium products at a lower price point. The 5-inch display sports 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 4. While not quite as slim as the 7mm, $529 R7s, it's quite close at 7.25mm.

Under the hood, the F1 runs a Snapdragon 616 octa-core processor with 3GB RAM. While the phone only comes with a bare 16GB of storage, Oppo does offer the option of expanding the memory by an additional 128GB. It also gives you the option of installing dual SIMs, allowing you to switch over with the press of a button. Like other Oppo models, the 2500 mAh battery isn't removable.

Oppo's new F1 phone will retail for $299, and from next week can be purchased through Oppo directly, or at Dick Smith and Move stores nationwide.

Correction: The F1 does not come equipped with VOOC Flash Charging as previously stated.



    I got my mum the OPPO R5, the build quality kinda mediocre. But again, you get what you paid for I supposed.

    But I was comparing this to Nexus 4 (her old phone), this one has more sturdy and better build.

      I haven't personally had any other Oppo, but have had previous handsets ranging from the Dell Streak, HTC One X, One M7, Galaxy S5, Xperia Z2/Z3/Z3Compact, Motorola Atrix and the build quality on the Oppo F1 is pretty stellar and on-par with the likes of a Z2/Z3/HTC One M7.

    Oppo has quite a following in SE Asia and has had for at least 4 years. They have had some inovative ideas, like a model with the actual camera on two hinges and able to flip 180 degrees without making the camera larger. Haven't used one, but they look smart and seem to at try with new innovation concepts.

    Anyone know what it's Android OS is like? Do they completely change it ala Samsung or is it a more vanilla version like Moto?

      I just bought one and having had many different Android/Apple handsets in the past, must say that for $299 this thing is absolutely unbeatable in quality, features and smoothness.

      It is more like a MIUI style of handset but nowhere near as drastic. It doesn't have an APP Drawer, but its colour OS 2.1 implementation is way less intrustive on the Android UI than TouchWiz or HTC's Sense UI. It's a clean polished UI which appears a little more Apple-esque somewhat .

    "Correction: The F1 does not come equipped with VOOC Flash Charging as previously stated."

    The oppo website says it's included:
    In The Box
    OPPO F1
    In-ear type earphones
    Micro USB cable
    VOOC Flash Charger mini, SIM ejector tool, Documentation, Case

      Was wondering the exact same thing. Anybody know if maybe u need to buy another VOOC Charge (but the tech is actually built in to phone, just need compatible charger??)

    Also wrong is that other Oppo phones don't have a removable battery....I have the Find 7 and it does.
    Their OS is called ColorOs and I love it. Works a treat with the only downside being there is no app drawer so apps are all over your screens like iPhones. That's the way Asian phone companies are going now for some reason so thank god for Android launchers with app drawers.

      I just bought the Oppo F1 and I agree khrome. I love the ColorOS, and am even using the 'Eye protection' mode on Low and find you get much less fatigue staring at the screen than with the standard blue light wavelengths.

      In regards to no app drawer, I just created a folder on my second page that I call "rarely used" and dump all other app icons in there.

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