New Optus Prepaid Plans Have Ridiculously Cheap Data

Optus has always tempted customers in with more data than its larger rival Telstra, and the new My Prepaid Ultimate plan is no different. With a double data promotion running until the start of May, as well as unlimited international calls to 10 different countries, this looks like the cheapest plan for data-hungry users that don't want to sign up to a lengthy 12- or 24-month contract.

They're not quite the bargain that Telstra's $40/month 7GB plan was, but Optus's new My Prepaid Ultimate lines are a little more flexible than a locked-in contract. For the three months between now and 1 May, the $30 and $40 My Prepaid Ultimate plans have double data -- that's 3GB (instead of 1.5GB) for $30 and 8GB (instead of 4GB) for $40. If you recharge $50 or more, you'll just get a flat 3GB of data extra on top of your existing prepaid data allocation.

That data rolls over into your next prepaid billing month, too, up to a maximum of 15GB total. As long as you recharge before your plan expires, you'll keep that extra data tranche rolling over every month -- good for users that have heavy usage one month and quiet times the next. As part of the offer, the Prepaid Ultimate plans of $40 or higher recharges also get unlimited standard international calls to 10 countries including USA, UK, China and India. [Optus]


    here if you click on the month to month tab, there is a sim only deal which is $50 a month for 10GB data + unlimited calls and texts and 300 minutes of international. normal data for this deal is 5GB per month.

      as a comparison, telstra charge $70 and you only get about 4.5 to 7gig of data depending on if they give you bonus data for that month.

        I signed up in Aug or so and get 6.5 GB on Telstra for $55 a month. It's a base 5GB plus a 1GB pack for $5, which you can add on by following some link that escapes me right now, but it should be searchable in Whirlpool or similar. Remaining 500mb was a timed promotion for taking up Apple Music.

        So yeah, pretty happy with that and it's a fair chunk under that $70 figure. Not sure how call allowances vary, but datas more valuable to me anyway.

    the one im talking about is a pre-paid card, not a contract. but yeah, data is more valuble to me, so im happy to go to optus.

      Ahhh. My bad, missed the "prepaid" bit some how.

    Its just another baiting deal. As soon as its after the date, you go back to the standard amount. They suck you in, get you using 8gb of data a month, movies, music etc, then strip you down to the standard 3/4 gb and charge you more for every mb over. NOT a good deal. Thanks Gizmodo.

      I think I pretty clearly laid out that it was just until May?

      the $50 a month for 10GB data is for the life of the sim card. you can online chat with them to verify, but a guy i work with bought a few sim cards for his family. the other thing you can do is buy extra sim cards for the same account but they are data only, then you just chuck em in a wifi dongle and you can share your data with family members or whatever you wanna do.

      It's prepaid... They can't charge you for going over your data. Also really clear that's it's a temporary offer.

      In addition to the above these plans are much better and cheaper than the previous offerings. The cost of running my phone has dropped yet I've got more allowance (even after the fact they dropped the time frame from 30 to 28 days).

      details are in this PDF$50_My_Plan_Plus_SIM_Only.pdf

    It may be worth noting these plans are actually 2 days shorter. 28 Vs 30. However it's still a cheaper option if you drop back. I've gone from $45 a recharge to $40 with more data, and more data over a smaller time frame actually means more data again.

    Just reinforces my commitment not to directly give telstra a cent.

    meanwhile im still on the old optus $2 days plan with unlmited data!!! (although it is restricted to 3g, its not too bad)

    im on a optus simplan, $30p/m unlimited mobile/local, unlimited overseas, and 7gig ^^

    I pay $40 a month for 12GB on Vodafone, with unlimited calls, sms and about 150 mins of international calls.

      Yes I just quit craptus for vodafone as the coverage is pathetic on craptus. Doesn't matter if they gave me a terabyte pm, the phone is unusable in so many areas it's ridiculous.

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