Microsoft Has Some Wild Ideas About How We’re Going To Use HoloLens To Watch Sports

Microsoft Has Some Wild Ideas About How We’re Going To Use HoloLens To Watch Sports

Have you resigned yourself to the fact that in the future, you’ll be required to strap on a headset or facemask of some kind just to enjoy basic entertainment?

Well, if that future looks as awesome as this HoloLens concept video for the future of football, my face is ready.

In advance of the Super Bowl, NFL sponsor Microsoft has released a new concept video showcasing how HoloLens might change the way watch football in the near future.

You can read more about the concept video over on the Microsoft Blog, but for your convenience and enlightenment, here’s a breakdown of what it appears Microsoft thinks you should be able to do at some crazy day in the future.

Ah yes of course, a room full of all of your friends, and everybody is wearing $US3000 ($4,158) HoloLens headsets. Suddenly the game isn’t confined to just the television — you can watch a much larger view of the entire stadium.

Here we see the mandatory fantasy football application for the technology. As you’re watching the game, information and stats pop up, and you can interact with them in simple gestures.

With a simple pinching motion, this fellow causes a football player hologram to burst through the wall. Haven’t you always wanted that?

A 3D hologram describing the stadium’s location and weather conditions can also appear right in the middle of the living room floor.

Probably the coolest possible applications are the instant replay concepts. Imagine turning your coffee table into a 3D hologram of a replay. A fancy slider allows you to reach out and change your position on the timeline.

Anyway, concept videos are always exciting, and rarely reflect an immediately attainable reality. Remember the amazing Google Glass concept video a few years ago? Look how that turned out.

What’s significant here is that for the first time Microsoft is turning its attention to consumer uses for the technology. Until now, it’s basically been a developer product — the same developer version that’s shipping in the next few months. Realistically, the ideas in this concept are years from reality, but on the upside I never thought watching football could be more fun.