Internode Now Has Just One 1000GB Naked Plan... That Comes With A Catch

In December last year, Internode switched from a tiered plan structure to a single option for its naked broadband offering — 1000GB for $69.99. While a massive shift from Internode's modus operandi, it syncs with quasi-owner iiNet's plans, so no real surprises there. However, current Internode users looking to change their plans, it does come with a caveat — all content is metered.

That's right, the new naked plan is excluded from Internode's list of unmetered content, so all your Netflix, Steam, iview and SourceForge data will count towards your downloads.

Note that Internode's regular broadband plans and all grandfathered naked plans don't have this restriction. That said, when asked on Whirlpool how long unmetered content will be maintained, Internode representative Michael Kratz provided this less than comforting answer:

Will the extent and availability of Freezone content be maintained for customers on legacy or grandfathered products? Is there a time period for any commitment on that?

I cannot commit to anything in relation to that. Unmetered content is always subject to change and we note this on our site, and always have done so.

Now, the interesting decision for current Internode customers on naked plans: To switch, or not to switch? That really depends on your setup. Due to the way Internode retires its plans, allowing users to stay on non-existent deals long after they've been axed, means that some users might be on plans offering similar quotas and pricing, while maintaining access to the ISP's unmetered content.

On the other hand, if you're stuck with a paltry 150GB or so and barely use Steam or Netflix, you could get a massive quota boost for the same price — or possibly cheaper. If you're having trouble figuring out the pros and cons, Internode has posted some guidance on its website.




    This isn't a big deal on a 1000G plan. Metered content comes from an era when bits were a lot more expensive than they are today. Metered site list are hard for the _average_ cstomer to understand, which leads to much higher support costs and less satisfaction for the average customer. Take the exceptions out, offer more data, get a simpler product and the majority of your customer base will thank you.

    Freezone/unmetered content is now no longer included in most/all new plans on internode.
    i wanted to bump up my FTTPNBN speed and.... well i use steam, mum uses netflix and iview a lot so dispite the up in data allowance i could still blow way past it..

    We're on 1TB Naked with iiNet and all three of us in this sharehouse are heavy Netflix users (US region, so it's metered). Never once even got close to capping it.

    That's an interesting trade off, for those that don't take advantage of the FreeZone stuff this is just gravy. As much as I'd like to have unmetered content, ideologically I agree with this more, it's far more net-neutral, which is what everyone should strive for, so it makes sense for Internode/iiNet to lead the way.

    I'm currently on the Easy Naked 150-Special plan for $59.95 pm. I noticed this 1000GB plan was all that's being offered now, but I didn't realise that ALL content, including Netflix, is metered.

    I stream Netflix in 4K when it's available, but even with the content being metered I doubt I would cap out 1000GB. So for me the issue is just whether I'm willing to take the $10 p/m price bump.

    We're on an iiNet offnet 250GB plan here, and looking at our usage trends, 1000GB with everything metered would get us through about 22 days.

    On average, we use about 4 - 5GB per day of our "peak" quota, around 1GB of uploads, around 1 - 2 GB of offpeak, and around 40GB of freezone (made up mostly of netflix and Steam downloads).

    So hopefully the iiNet freezone doesn't drop Netflix and Steam any time soon ;)

    It's as simple as looking at your usage data (they show you metered and unmetered) and seeing if it consistently falls below 1000 GB, if it does, get it, if not, then not for you.

    I recently switched and for me it's a huge boost, we got a playstation and that content was metered anyways so not a bit deal, netflix I switch around between regions depending on the show but again, still not close to 1000GB per month. I was on a 200GB plan for $60 and now on a 1000GB plan for $70. Much happier. There was also the issue that any data (even Australian Netflix) on IPv6 was metered so now we can turn it back on.

    I think it's a great move as it really drives the net neutrality point home. Give me enough data to do what I want and don't 'prioritise' some data over some other data.

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