Hyperloop A 'Very Solid Idea,' Says US Transportation Secretary

Hyperloop a

This weekend, over a thousand high school and college students from all over the world have congregated at Texas A&M University to pitch their prototype design ideas for Elon Musk's Hyperloop. And apparently US Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx is totally onboard.

The Verge is on the ground at Texas A&M's SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition Design Weekend. It reports that Secretary Foxx described the Hyperloop to attending students as a "very solid idea" and that the federal government has a "responsibility" to back Hyperloop innovation -- possibly even help fund the program.

Foxx's pro-moonshot stance isn't surprising: He's backed a lot of emerging transportation technologies. Earlier this month he announced the White House's $US4 ($6) billion in planned funding for self-driving car innovations, and he even flew to Japan last year to ride that country's maglev train, which could suggest that the American government could be interested in importing the tech.

Not unlike the internet, the SpaceX-backed Hyperloop is a conceptual series of high-speed tubes -- except these tubes could launch you at warp speeds of around 1,223km/h. It's completely pie-in-the-sky for some, but for a thousand of young people in Texas this weekend -- and for the US government, possibly -- it's something seriously worth pursuing.

[The Verge]

Image: Secretary Foxx speaking in Florida in July. Joe Raedle/Getty Images



    Solid? Except where a Quake or other severs the pipeline and pod after pod rams into each other becoming coffins that kill anyone in them. Even if you avoid impact, and full stop If you can't get out, you eat the oxygen.

      It's important not to just think about the dangers of new technology. There are always ways to mitigate dangers. Just remember people are literally killing themselves and others every single day on the roads yet we still drive cars.

      What? Do you even read? This has been listed as a no brainer. It's called a vacuum tube pleb. If the vacuum is removed by "Quake or other severs the pipeline" the pod automatically slows down because the air is now significantly more dense, a bit like your comment. Technically; its safer than a train. If the railway breaks, the train does not automatically break, you go flying off it. If the tube breaks, you slow down well in advance of the break.

      Last edited 01/02/16 4:32 pm

    "Not unlike the internet, the SpaceX-backed Hyperloop is a conceptual series of high-speed tubes..."

    So, nothing like the internet then...

      I guess you have never heard that "the internet is a series of tubes"?


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