HTC Vive Will Cost US$799 And Hit Shelves In April

HTC Vive Will Cost $US799 ($1,118) And Hit Shelves in April

We finally got the details on HTC's virtual reality headset, the HTC Vive, and its availability. You'll be able to pre-order it later this month starting February 29th and it will hit the shelves early April, though we still don't know the exact date yet. How much will it cost you? A whopping $US799 ($1,118) dollars, even more than the high-priced Oculus Rift, which starts at $US600 ($839).

For the money you'll get the headset (duh), two wireless special controllers for both of your hands, two cameras that you hang in the wall to track your position and the hub that collects all the data and sends it to your PC. So the system is indeed a little bit more complete than the one you get with Oculus (and therefore more immersive you could argue), but also more expensive.

There are also a couple of improvements and new features in the product. Headset has now a microphone and the ergonomics in the straps that go around the head have been vastly improved, according to HTC. The two little cameras that track your motion across the room are now wireless, which implies a huge, huge step forward (previous one were very bulky and wired). Valve has also announced the titles that will be released with the Vive when it launches: Job Simulator. The 2050 Archives, y Fantastic Contraption.


    No thanks, I'll pass the VR phase, learnt my lesson from the Kinect phase. Cheers

      Then you didn't learn shit. :\
      You should know better than listen to marketing hype alone.

      It wasn't hard to figure out that Kinect was going to be a worthless for anything other than 'party' gaming, even before it hit shelves. Just like it's not hard to figure out that the Hololens will flop.

    Will it ship to Australia?

    At least the Kinect phase was affordable. I need a rich mate to buy this so I can play with it for the 2-3hrs of awesomeness before I get bored.

    I think I might just wait for the second gen, then hopefully the prices would have gone down to a more reasonable levels (or at least the gen 1 would...)

    Up to $500 AUD I would buy it for sure... $700... I might.... >$1000.. uhmm....

    Honestly, do your research! They are not cameras, they are IR laser base-stations (Lighthouses) and the headset picks up the signal from the lighthouses to determine position.

    The lighthouses require power, so they are not completely wireless unless you get a battery pack. They communicate via Bluetooth to the headset to enable/disable when you take it on and off.

    Kids these days! Back when I was a computer geek, a 2x CD-ROM drive and sound card cost $1000. And we bought it and didn't bitch and moan. When will people realise that Gen-1 tech DOES cost an arm and a leg!

      Man I remember buying my first 1TB hdd for around $1000 too, now they're sub-$60. Things eventually get cheaper as the technology evolves. I'd say VR is more of a niche than hdds and cd rom drives, so hopefully they don't price themselves out of the game entirely.

        Like anything, they will get cheaper. And as developers realise the power, there will be more applications.

        I've been toying with the DK2. I reckon that consumer grade VR has the potential to actually replace your monitor .... assuming that you're not showing someone something on the screen.

        The high price will be no more than end of VR as was expensive 3D cards or digital cameras.

    thats right, Lighthouse uses IR and this is a big differentiation between Oculus which use camera sensors. details!

      The Rift uses IR as well. The difference is that the Oculus Rift headset is an emitter (IR LEDs), which is tracked by its camera, as opposed to the Vive, which is a receiver, that tracks IR emitted by the lighthouses (IR laser sweep).

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