Hot Toys’ New Marvel Figures Prove The Real Civil War Is Over Your Wallet

Hot Toys’ New Marvel Figures Prove The Real Civil War Is Over Your Wallet

The arrival of a new Marvel movie is as inevitable as the passage of time itself at this point — as is it being joined by a slew of Hot Toys figures to go with it, much to dismay of a comic book fan’s wallet. Captain America: Civil War in no exception, and Hot Toys have now revealed their first figures from the film.

Naturally, those figures are Captain America, The Winter Solider, and Iron Man — the main players of a film with a bunch of heroes Hot Toys are no doubt salivating over the chance to sell as high-end figures. Unsurprisingly too, these figures are very similar to Hot Toys past releases of the characters — but there are some differences.

In the case of Captain America — who’s still wearing his Age of Ultron uniform, pretty much, right down to the Avengers patch on his shoulders — the changes to the actual body are subtle, but the character’s physique has been bulked up to better reflect Cap’s “shoulder-to-waist ratio of a dorito” form.

It’s mostly in the accessories that this Captain America differs from the last figure: staples like the removable shield and alternate hands are all there, but this time Cap is joined by the damaged mask of his early nemesis in the film, Crossbones, an alternate head of Steve Rogers without his mask, and variant faceplates for the helmet figure to give him a neutral or angry face.

Because, you know, war and stuff. Fighting with your friends and former allies? It’s enough to make you grit your teeth!

Meanwhile his best guy Bucky, aka Winter Soldier, is probably the most different to his last figure from The Winter Soldier… mainly because in Civil War, Bucky now doesn’t have a mask, and got a jacket upgrade.

Must be chilly in the new movie. Like Cap, Bucky comes with some alternate hands, but unlike Cap, the only bonus accessory Bucky has is a rifle… Which hopefully means he’ll be on the lower-price side of Hot Toys figures, as he’s pretty sparse, snazzy new jacket or otherwise.

Left: Hot Toys' Civil War Bucky, 2016. Right: Hot Toys' Winter Soldier Bucky, 2014.

Left: Hot Toys’ Civil War Bucky, 2016. Right: Hot Toys’ Winter Soldier Bucky, 2014.

Looks good though! Seems like Bucky learned how to brush his hair a little better between movies, and not much else.

Finally, we have what feels like the hojillionth Iron Man from Hot Toys — Tony Stark’s love of armour iterations bust be a real boon to action figure makers desperate for variants — this time clad in the 46th Iron Man armour since Stark became the Iron Avenger in 2008.

However, unlike Winter Soldier and Captain America, this Iron Man isn’t a traditional 1/6th scale figure. It’s an entry in Hot Toys’ “Power Pose Collectible” range, meaning that it’s a statue in one specific pose that features some limited articulation.

In the case of this Iron Man, that means you can swap out his hands for open palms like he’s blasting his repulsor cannons, or rotate the should joints to pose him ready to fire. Otherwise, the “figure” is stuck in a hovering mid-flight pose. To make up for the in-articulation Iron Man is decked out in 28 LEDs over his body, making him a slightly impractical but very cool lamp, when push comes to shove.

All of these figures are due near the end of the year, so if you’re planning on getting them, you’ve got quite a while to gird your wallet in anticipation.