Here's Every Aussie Telco's Samsung Galaxy S7 Launch Plans So Far

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 has just been announced, but it'll be out in stores in barely a fortnight. Here's every deal and pre-order link we can find for Samsung's new top-of-the-range smartphone.

Telstra will stock both the Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge in black, silver and gold. It'll have the devices on a range of Go Mobile and Go Business plans, likely with a small mobile repayment option over a 24-month contract.

You can pre-order a Telstra S7 or S7 edge from from February 26 onward, with the phones going on sale on March 11. Any pre-orders will also receive a Gear VR headset as a gift.

Optus doesn't yet have pricing or launch info for the Galaxy S7, a representative has told Gizmodo.

Vodafone hasn't yet announced plans and pricing, but "will do so this week" according to a spokesperson. It has confirmed on its website that pre-orders will get a free Gear VR, and that pre-orders will open at 12:01AM on Friday 26th.

Virgin Mobile has confirmed to Gizmodo that it'll be stocking both the S7 and the S7 edge, with more details coming out soon.

If you just want the phone outright, it'll be available on launch day for $1149 for the S7 and $1249 for the S7 edge. Both have 32GB of onboard storage and microSD card slots, but there are no high-capacity storage options.

Check back soon for more news of Australia's telco deals on the Galaxy S7.



    Easy win for the S7 edge with the bigger screen and more importantly the bigger battery.

    I'd be interested to know the best place to buy unbranded Australian stock outright. Samsung hasn't updated their online shop yet. I'm keen to avoid carrier bloatware and delayed patching release times through the carriers.

      What about replacing the carrier firmware with it's stock ROM instead?

      I did the same with the Nokia Symbian's I had.

      Last edited 22/02/16 1:47 pm

        Is this easy enough to do though? I'm thinking about switching from iOS

          I'll let other members correct me, but IIRC there's a tool called Odin that'll allow you to change the ROM (last I looked into it).


          Is it easy to overwrite the crud firmware with a clean, unbloated/stock FW? and

          Is it right to assume stock/generic FW's gets updates quicker, as you're not at the mercy of a carrier?

          Excuse my ignorance, it's been years and I've been on iOS for a long time.


          Last edited 22/02/16 5:12 pm

            I put the stock ROM of Lollipop onto my Note Edge while waiting for Telstra to pull their finger out and it is so easy, just using ODIN, the USB that comes with the phone (learn that after using a generic cable and it didn't detect the phone) and using the correct ROM from sammobile.

            Easy to follow instructions on the website, and typically yes stock ROM updates come out quicker

            Yep, can confirm it's super easy. Did it with a Telstra S4 that I got sick of waiting for updates. Forced Lollipop on there no problem. The only issue is finding the appropriate ROM (usually not hard), the actual flashing process is simple, just follow the instructions.

              Thanks cameronj, That Guy and JulesIoannidis.

              Another question: does it void warranty?


              Last edited 23/02/16 7:26 am

                Aww k cool, because I really can't see any benefit of having all that carrier crap on there.
                Thanks peeps

    VERY VERY VERY misleading title! No plan details at all! Is my browserr conspiring against Samsung?

      No, they probably just plan to continually update the article as the other telco info comes in... Still misleading for now, but eventually should cover everything and likely be bumped to the front page as each are added as well, I would assume...

    The Edge is on .1 of an inch smaller than the Note Edge, think I will be going to upgrade and take advantage of the pre order deal

    All of Samsung's phones since the s5 have been unbranded, so no Telstra or Optus logos will be found on any of the devices, however you'll still have your carriers bloat software installed (with custom boot animations and apps like my optus installed by default), for full stock you can simply download the stock rom from Sammobile (suited to your device), then use ODIN to flash your phone. Look up the step by step on XDA, it's relatively easy and doesn't void your warranty. You'll also get the latest updates quicker, generally have longer lasting support, battery life etc.
    Happy flashing

    Great looking phone the s7 but the price will be a huge barrier for a lot of people . Especially someone like me who buys my phone outright my budget is $1000.00 .i am with Aldi moblie $35 plan with 5gb data.phones outdate so quickly it's hard to justify spending more in six months a new model will be price is important to me .

      All phones other than iphone start reduce dramatically in price after the initial period; for Samsung the reductio usually kick in after 3 months; for LG even sooner; others even sooner.. best bet is to wait 6 months if you are cash savvy.. my friend got an S6 edge couple of months ago for $620 while the original price I think was $1149.

      Depends on you how long can you resist your new urge :)

      Honestly the phones these days are much more long lasting than it used to be. A galaxy Note 3 is a very good phone even now after nearly 2.5 years; same goes for S5.. we need to stop wasting money every year for incremental improvements..

    $150 over budget isn't insane. I do understand your point though. With a budget of $1000 I hope you're not expecting the world, there's amazing technology in this phone. Maybe a better option for the budget-oriented is not a brand new flagship?

    As far as out dating goes, this is the first phone with the 820 chip (or close to first), so it's not going to be out dated for at least 2 years. 4gb ram is unnecessary right now, so that will be future proof also, as for the storage, expanding is an option so you're pretty safe there too.

    Tbh, this is the first phone without compromise. It's an amazing piece of engineering and if anyone expects that to come in at a shoestring price, they should be sent home with nothing.

    Actually the Aussie version is getting samsungs superior in house CPU, and not the snapdragon 820

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