Google Is Killing Picasa Because Google Photos Is Way Better

Google Is Killing Picasa Because Google Photos Is Way Better

Picasa, Google's photo storage service that you've probably forgotten exists, will officially die starting May 1. Which is fine by us, considering how great Google Photos is. "After much thought and consideration, we've decided to retire Picasa over the coming months in order to focus entirely on a single photo service in Google Photos," Google said on Picasa's official Blogspot today. (Note: the last time Google updated the Picasa blog was in 2011.)

But honestly, the fancier Google Photos is far superior anyway with its unlimited photo and video storage and image recognition tech that makes searching your photo library a cinch. If you're someone who's pumped Picasa full of pics and videos, you can access that content in Google Photos. If you if you don't want to use Photos and want to view specific content like tags, captions and comments from Picasa, Google's working out a way for you to access your Picasa Web Albums data.

The Picasa site and desktop app will have their plugs pulled over several months starting in May. Peace out Picasa.


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    Google photos is rubbish, its a dumbed down version of Picasa, missing most of the features to make it work on a 4" touch screen.

    Shame google, shame.

    I also beg to differ. Google photos is like the emperor's new clothes. The flashy features are not under user control. They are smoke and mirrors on a tiny screen.

    Picasa is a much more solid system, has way mire real features and proven very popular. it should have been better with the technology from snapseed (and other google aquistions) and perhaps even automated classification if and when that become reliable. But it is still a great way to manage your photos yourself on a PC.

    Lets hope google make it open source so the loyal users can keep using it,

    I have been using the picasa app before Google purchased it and am sad to see it go, we use it on the Mac, Windows and Linux machine. I couldn't give two hoots about the online side (but prefer picasas privacy settings), but disappointed that Google are stopping the desktop app.

    Its terrible for those Mac users still on Snow Leopard. Google photos requires OSX Lion and above.

      Its terrible for those Mac users still on Snow Leopard.

      I don't blame them for staying on Snow Leopard. The newer versions are ever increasing HD versions of a slow motion train wreak.

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