France Demands Facebook Stop Tracking Non-Users And Sending Data To US 

France Demands Facebook Stop Tracking Non-Users and Sending Data to US

French authorities are not impressed with Facebook: The nation's data protection authority has told the social network that it has just three months to stop tracking the browsing of non-users. The French authorities have also demanded that the transfer of some personal data between European and US servers be brought to a halt, reports Reuters. That's the first high-level request of its type since an EU court ruling last year which put the free transfer of data between the European Union and the US in doubt.

The so-called Safe Harbor arrangement allowed organisations based in the US to pull private data from servers in Europe across the Atlantic. But it was ruled illegal last year, and the deadline for finding alternative arrangements expired last week -- allowing authorities to act against companies that violate it.

Meanwhile, French authorities also claim that Facebook's placing of a cookie on the computers of non-users -- which allows them to track their browsing habits -- violates French privacy law.

For its part, Facebook reckons it complies with EU law. Speaking to Reuters, a member of staff from the social network explained that "[p]rotecting the privacy of the people who use Facebook is at the heart of everything we do. We... look forward to engaging... to respond to their concerns."

French authorities say that if Facebook doesn't act in three months it may be fined.


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    Tracking non users? Fuck off facebook.

      My thoughts exactly.

      By the same token, can I legally install cookies on Fuckerbergs PC to track his browsing?

        I havn't trusted facebook since they disabled my account then requested that I send them some photo identification like a license or passport which is complete and utter bullshit, what they are doing is so obviously a ruse to get as much information as possible from the people just like they do with tracking non users.

        Scum bags.

          I haven't trusted facebook since I joined with a BS name, job, address etc yet it managed to actually suggest about six people who I know in real life as friends. Spoke to said friends and none of them have ever mentioned me on FB yet apparently FB knows that this guy is someone I work with, that's my personal trainer and I went to school with someone else 0_o

    This is absurd and utterly disgusting.....

    Last edited 10/02/16 9:52 am

    WANKERS ! I Don't even use facebook and i just found 2 in chrome!! WTF

    Whether you use their services or not I'm pretty sure any site that even displays an annoying "Share this page" link means you're being tracked by them.

    Just above these comments I can see links for Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn and Google+so I fully expect them to know I was looking at this page.

    Last edited 24/02/16 1:56 pm

      Checkout the lightbeam addon for firefox to see just how interlinked most websites are.

      Warning: can get laggy on lower end PCs once you have a bunch of sites used.

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