Experience Australia's Four Seasons In This Beautiful Melbourne Timelapse

There's an old saying — go to Melbourne if you want to experience all four seasons in one day. It's not literally true, of course, though you can get close by simply watching this excellent timelapse from photographer Alexander Chin, which maps the city's seasons, side by side, in a single video.

And not just a video — try split frames too.

As Chin explained to PetaPixel's Michael Zhang, a lot of planning went into the clip's production, which was shot over the course of three years between 2013 and 2016:

"I carried a little black notebook with me with the following instructions for each location to remember when I came back 3 months later at the next season." ... [Chin] noted his exact tripod position, tripod leg angles, the angle of the tripod head, his camera settings, and the center of focus for the photos. This allowed him to match up his shots across many months and years.

The PetaPixel piece mentions that Chin record some 450 images for each location, with the photographer ending up with some 14,000 at the end of it all.

[Vimeo, via PetaPixel]

Video: Alexander Chin

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