Drunk Uber Driver Blows .25 After Already Dropping Off Two Or Three Fares

Drunk Uber Driver Blows .25 After Already Dropping Off Two or Three Fares

An Uber driver in Southern California was pulled over last night and blew three times the legal limit. He was reportedly on his way to pick up his third (or fourth) fare for the night. The 46-year-old Uber driver Robert Wing was pulled over by Simi Valley police around 1:40am. Wing had allegedly been partying after the Super Bowl and thought it would be a good time to earn some extra cash. Wing apparently couldn't remember if he had picked up two or three fares already before he was pulled over.

It's not the first time that an Uber driver has been caught driving passengers while drunk. But it might be the most shocking for people who are fans of the ride-hailing service. The legal limit for driving in the State of California is .08 but the driver blew a .25.

Apparently Wing wanted to make sure he didn't lose his buzz because police found two cans of Coors Light in the car. There's no word if the passengers that Wing had previously picked up noticed anything strange nor what rating they gave to Wing.

"The driver was unaware of his physical location due to his impairment and was relying on his GPS to direct him where to go," the Simi Valley Police Department said in a statement. Wing was booked for DUI and later released.

Gizmodo has reached out to Uber CEO Travis Kalanick for comment but had not heard back at time of publication. But you have to admit that when it comes to driving a semi-legal taxi, alcohol is the ultimate disruption.


Images via KTLA and the Simi Valley Police Department



    rather this over those fucking taxis, why they need to park in the bike lane at a traffic light is beyond me

    Wow, if whenever a taxi driver was caught drunk it made the news like this, they'd probably need a whole new website to report only that.

      Drunk taxi drivers are reported in the news like this, they're just not as common as you're suggesting.

      Why so defensive? These services aren't sports teams, you don't choose your loyalty and then barrack for them no matter what. Acknowledging the flaws in each service seems like a better approach to being an informed consumer, and this is one flaw they have in common.

        I have to say I've never seen in Gizmodo an article about a drunk taxi driver. And yeah, perhaps I exaggerated, but I dislike when something is unfairly singled out. It is less of claiming some sort of allegiance and more of a cynic concern that the established and heavy-muscled taxi industry has means of pressuring and/or influencing mass media to discredit and eventually wipe out the first real competitor that ever dared muscling in into their turf.

        I am aware that Uber is nowhere near perfect, but the way media shows it, taxis are angel-driven heavenly carriages whose rightful, god-given place as the sole providers of personal transportation is being threatened by vile, greedy, incompetent and dangerous devils. A quick read of comments sections of such articles usually offer dozens of testimonials that the other way around is more accurate.

          Uber is a technology company, we write about technology. And if you think we write about taxis like they're somehow better than Uber, you really need to read the site a little more!

      They do get caught. Gizmodo doesn't report stories about taxis unless it's about a new piece of tech they are using. Not sure if you realize this, perhaps you're as loaded as the uber driver was and don't know where you are, but Giz writes stories about technology things.

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